Sunday, 26 December 2010

Short Story Sunday

So, here's my weekly short story. In this one I'm introducing Inspector X, who is a typical inspector. This one is called 'Murder is in the eye of the beholder'.

As Inspector X entered the crime scene two things became clear. The victim was certainly dead and the murderer was present. Nobody had been allowed to leave or enter the crime scene. e looked around, as the man in charge I was appointed to name a murderer within short time. There were five people selected out of all the party guests. Her husband, her affaire, the affairs wife, the victims son and the host of the party. He immediately got rid of the host. Nobody would be as stupid as to kill someone on their own party. The husband seemed heartbroken and was, until half an hour ago, unaware of the affaire. He let him go, so the man could receive some help. He was a poor sight. Her affaire, a youngish, rich and married man, had none reason whatsoever to kill her, because that would have brought light to his affaire. He was also released and he ran for a taxi, probably visiting his lawyer for a divorce procedure. That left the affaire’s wife and her son.

Both looked furious. The wife had just found out about the affaire and had been calling her lawyer. It had clearly been an up-class party. The son had remained silent through the entire procedure. He had told the police about the affaire, what meant he had known before anyone else. Inspector X sat down, asked for a coffee and started thinking the matter over. Soon his thoughts were disturbed by a colleague, who came to bring him the cause of death. It was an overdose of some kind of pills. It had been mixed with her wine.

‘Maybe it was suicide!’ The colleague expected a treat for telling me this.
‘ I wish you wouldn’t have said that. Now I have to consider it. Bring me the wife and the son.’
‘The wife is dead, sir!’
‘I mean the affaire’s wife, stupid!’

Both came, both still angry. The son came up to me. He was five.
He whispered: ’I did it. She hurt me, my father, everyone who knew her. And she didn’t listen to me. I found the pills in her purse and mashed them. I asked her to talk to me about him. She didn’t even answer me. I put the pills in her glass and she drank it.’
X looked at the little boy. He seemed aware of his deed.
‘Am I going to jail, sir?’ He was dead serious and serious wanted a serious answer.
‘Did you kill her, because you wanted her to die?’
The little boy thought for a while, let the words sink.
‘No, I wanted her to talk to me!’
X turned around and walked up to my colleague.
‘It was suicide. Case closed.’

I hope you liked it! Leave a comment, good or bad!! Advice is always appreciated!!


  1. I think that little 5 yo will, most likely, grow up to become a serial killer, unless somebody talks to him!