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Friday Friyay: 'Tyll' by Daniel Kehlmann

I really enjoyed last week's read,  Dune  by Frank Herbert, even though I had my quibbles with it. I would love to know your thoughts on that one if you have time to drop by my review ! But now that I'm moving back to Germany I'm getting back into my weird fairytale-vibe. And one of the first books I thought of was Tyll  by Daniel Kehlmann, which I have seen around for quite some time but never got around to reading. So here we go! Daniel Kehlmann masterfully weaves the fates of many historical figures into this enchanting work of magical realism and adventure. This account of the seventeenth-century vagabond performer and trickster Tyll Ulenspiegel begins when he's a scrawny boy growing up in a quiet village. When his father, a miller with a secret interest in alchemy and magic, is found out by the church, Tyll is forced to flee with the baker's daughter, Nele. They find safety and companionship with a traveling performer, who teaches Tyll his trade. And so begins

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