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Review: 'We Keep the Dead Close' by Becky Cooper

A mysterious and unsolved murder of an archaeology student at Harvard in the late 1960s captures the mind of a current Harvard student. Unable to let it go, Becky Cooper's life begins to intertwine with that of Jane Britton as the former tries to solve the latter's murder. I mean, how could I pass on this? It has everything one could ask for from the hallowed halls of Harvard to the dusty dig sites of Iran, from elitist departments to sexist professors, from suspicions of a cover-up to alleged affairs. But at its core, We Keep the Dead Close  is a deeply tragic story about potential wasted and death leaving a gaping wound. Thanks to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Pub. Date : 10/11/2020 Publisher : Grand Central Publishing You have to remember, he reminded me, that Harvard is older than the U.S. government. You have to remember because Harvard doesn't let you forget. 1969: the height of counterculture and the

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