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Friday Friyay: 'Sorrowland' by Rivers Solomon

 Happy Friday everyone! I can't wait for the weekend to start, I want to finally dig into some books I have been planning to read and hopefully I won't have too much university reading to compete with it! I've also got a meet-up planned with a friend, while being mindful of the restrictions of course! But it'll be nice to have some human-to-human interaction again. I have a presentation later today but hopefully I will be able to do some blog-hopping afterwards. For today I'm featuring one of the books I'm hoping to read this weekend, Sorrowland  by Rivers Solomon. ' Vern wished to make every moment of her life a rebellion, not just against the Blessed Acres of Cain but the world in its entirety. Nothing would be spared her resistance.' Vern, a Black woman with albinism, is hunted after escaping a religious compound, then she discovers that her body is changing and that she is developing extra-sensory powers. Alone in the woods, she gives birth to twins

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