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Friday Friyay: 'The Museum of Things Left Behind' by Seni Glaister

It is Friday, which is insane! How are we about to enter the last week of September already? I haven't been able to write even half as much as I had hoped this month, but oh well, I think I made some mental progress, so that's better than nothing. This weekend I'm looking forward to finally reading The Book of Life  by Deborah Harkness and maybe baking some cookies as we're finally proper into autumn (not that the weather seems to know this!). Another book I'm looking forward to finally digging into is The Museum of Things Left Behind  by Seni Glaister. I literally requested this book so many years back and got about halfway before life interrupted and it fell by the wayside. (My sincere apologies to the publisher and author!) But now I'm getting back into it, so yay. Escape into this hugely enjoyable, big-hearted and beautifully written novel, set in Vallerosa, a European country you’ve never heard of before. FIND YOURSELF IN VALLEROSA, A PLACE LOST IN TIME Val

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