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Friday Friyay: 'The Vines' by Shelley Nolden

 This week is such a week, I don't even know. I've had a few assignments due, as well as as 4000-word essay on Sunday, and yesterday I had a 20-minute presentation on my previous MA Dissertation, so my brain is pretty much gone! Thankfully I have the next two weeks off, before university comes back with a vengeance for one last block, so I plan to do loads of reading and give myself a proper break! One of the books I can't wait to read is The Vines  by Shelley Nolden, which came out on the 23rd of March with Freiling Publishing! In the shadows of New York City lies forbidden North Brother Island, where the remains of a shuttered hospital hide the haunting memories of century-old quarantines and human experiments. The ruins conceal the scarred and beautiful Cora, imprisoned by contagions and the doctors who torment her. When Finn, a young urban explorer, arrives on the island and glimpses an enigmatic beauty through the foliage, intrigue turns to obsession as he seeks to unc

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