Review Style + Rating System

My Review Style

My review will usually include:
  •  a short summary, usually from Goodreads,
  • my thoughts about the plot, characters, writing style, etc.,
  • positive and negative points (if you are not willing to be critisized do not ask me to review your book),
  • a rating,
  • a short summary of my review.


Here at A Universe in Words we rate in Universes, rather than stars. Although I will of course elaborate in my review, this is a quick summary of how my ratings work:

One Universe:

This rating means I didn't enjoy the book, would not recommend it and definitely would not give it to someone as a present. I will make this judgement based on the development of both plot and characters, the author's writing style etc. I will hardly ever hand out this rating since I tend to only start reading books I know I will at least enjoy a little bit.

Two Universes:

This book is not bad, but the characters were a bit flat, story-lines were not convincing or closed. Although I managed to finish it there was not a lot to the book that held my attention and captured me. I would not recommend this book.

Three Universes:

I enjoyed reading this book. The characters were convincing, the story-lines entertaining. Although I wasn't entirely blown away by it, it captured my attention and made me want to continue reading. I would recommend it to friends and family.

Four Universes:

I really enjoyed this book and would have loved to read more. The characters were very well developed and the plot was fascinating. I will definitely recommend this book to friends and family and would even buy it for them.

Five Universes:

The 5th Universe is one which I save for books that, in my opinion, hold a certain kind of power. These can be classics such as Beowulf and Angela Carter's short stories or newer books such as Nova Ren Suma's The Walls Around Us and Louise O'Neill's Only Ever Yours.

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