Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The New Yorker Review of Books

For anyone who has never ever read this magazine but loves books, you should really get yourself a copy. Not all of the articles will be to your taste, you will read about books that make you  want to puke, but there are some genuinely good articles in there.
I got myself the December issue today and it was love from the first page on. On the first page, really just the backside to the cover, they wrote a out a book which is called 'Letting Stories Breathe' by Arthur W. Frank. I'm all for letting stories breathe, so I read on.

"This is a powerful book. Arthur Frank already has a reputation as a sophisticated and sensitive interpreter of how stories shape human experience, and Letting Stories Breathe will cement his legacy...His writing is consistently clear and concise as well as, at times, moving and deeply personal, conveying in its style and language the very ethical commitments that are central to the argument of book"
Joseph E. Davis

Doesn't that just sound amazing? A book about the impact of stories!
This book might not be everyone's taste, but there is plenty for everyone. Last time I bought an issue there was an article on writer Pearl Buck. Although I had never heard of her and never read anything about or by her, at the end of the article I felt a sif I had a thorough view of her writing-style.

This magazine makes me want to go out and by books, which is a good thing. And it makes you look very sophisticated to walk around with a paper from the NY Times, which is another good thing. When on holiday in France I sometimes get a magazine called Lettre, I believe. This one is also about books, but deals in themes. So sometimes it's about classics and it'll have little chapters on Homer, Ceasar and Cicero.

Is there a paper or magazine about books you really like?

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