Thursday, 16 December 2010

Happy Birthday Jane

Today is Jane Austen's birthday. She was born on the 16 December of 1775 in Hampshire, England. She went on to write classics such as pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility and Northanger Abbey. She published these works anonymously, which meant that she didn't get any renown in her own time.
The most interesting fact I found today was that in her last six months she started a novel called 'The Brothers/ Sanditon'. When she died she had come halfway of Chapter 12. It was finished by other people, including her niece Anne and published several times under the title Sanditon. I didn't know about this book and I'm definitely going to try and find it on the Internet!

Some random facts:
  • Jane Austen is buried in Winchester Cathedral.
  • Because she posted anonymously they didn't know she was the author until after her death.
  • Pride & Prejudice had a different title first, 'First Impressions'. This title makes just as much sense as the one we know, because it links directly to the first impression Lizzie had of Mr. Darcy.
  • Jane had her heart broken in 1795 by Tom Lefroy when his family opposed against the match. They wanted their son to marry a richer woman.

Sometimes I really wonder where publishers have hidden their minds! Guess which two books Jane submitted to be published of which one was rejected and the other bought, but not published. The latter was bought back by Jane's brother and published after her death.
Guess and highlight the sentence below to find out!!

'Pride & Prejudice' (then known as First Impressions) was rejected and sent back unopened. Northanger Abbey (then known as 'Susan') was published after her death.

I wouldn't have guessed that either!!
As a present to all Jane Austen-lovers:
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In honour of Jane Austen's birthday Google uploaded this picture:

Isn't that sweet??

Wish Jane a happy birthday in the comments & let me know whether you guessed correctly!!

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