Monday, 3 January 2011

It's Monday - What are you reading?

This is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey, where you basically tell the readers what you read, what you are reading and what you want to read!

Last week I read:
I was on a holiday and I hadn't brought a lot of books! I don't know why I didn't, but it turned out in me reading not as much books as I had wanted to in my holiday. I did read:
Lord Byron's Complete Works Volume II. I bought it in my favourite bookstore in the Netherlands. I'll be uploading pictures of that store tomorrow along with the book. My book sort of looks like this one in the picture, only a little bit more fancy!

This week:

I'll be continuing with reading Sunrise to Sunset by Laurie Bowler. I really liked the first one (here is the review of the first) and what I read from this one it's good as well! I'll be reviewing it as soon as I finished it!

Next to that I'll be reading Serenity Lost, the first part of the Trust Me Series by Amy Romine. It was sent to me to review and I have read the first couple of chapters and Romine has a really good writing style!

next week:
I'll probably be reading the books above. And if I can convince my dad to finally get me my Kindle I'll probably be reading lots of books next to these!!

What books are you reading?


  1. I didn't get as much reading last week. I have been sick with a cold and I was traveling.

  2. I didn't get much done last week either!

  3. I am joining the crowd, my reading has been lack and this week is so busy I have hardly picked up a book at all and I miss it! I hope things slow down for all of us soon :)