Friday, 14 January 2011

Interview + Giveaway with Laurie Bowler

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to interview Laurie Bowler, the author of Moon Rising and Sunrise to Sunset! And next to thsi she has agreed to do a giveaway of both her books (E-books)!!! And there is only one condition:

Solemnly swear you'll enjoy yourself while reading the book!
And plese leave your email-adress in the comment! :P
So, on to the interview:

Hey Laurie, why don’t you introduce yourself first?

Hi, I am the author of the Moon Rising series, the sequel has just been released Sunrise to Sunset and will be quickly followed by another. I work as a full time teacher to adults to further their careers and write in the evenings and at weekends. I’m also a mother of one adorable little girl who I love to spend as much as I can with, she is my angel.

I also have many other titles coming out this year, and I hope they will just as successful as Moon Rising has been, it’s all so exciting and new to me. I started writing in November 2009 and I have been writing non-stop since then.

Moon Rising has gotten great reviews! How does that make you feel?
All the reviews on Moon Rising have been wonderful, and have boosted my confidence in writing and my ability to create stories that people want to read. I am ecstatic with the response, I have had some ‘negative’ responses but I see them as adding to the reality of writing and the story itself. Overall it has been a success for me and I am very proud.

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing?
I’ve been asked this question many times, and I simply don’t know. My ideas appear at unexpected times and places even when I’m at work and I write them down to work on when I’m home. I guess I have a huge imagination that’s unstoppable!!!

When did the book come to live for you?
Moon Rising came to life when the reviews started being placed on and It’s been an adventure, and an amazing story in itself (but I won’t write about myself!). Nessy is very unique in the way she’s made and brought into the vampire world, I loved writing her character. Golden Horizons which is due out in the next couple of months, Nessy takes complete control which is amazing because so far everyone else has been her strength but I wanted to write something else into her character.

Have you always been a fan of vampires and stories about them?
On the contrary no I haven’t, I’m actually a fan of Danielle Steele and Virginia Andrews, the first vampire book I read was actually part of some Mills and Boon collection but I can’t remember what it was called, I borrowed it from my friend when I ran out of new books to read and from that day I was intrigued by the mystical difference of the vampires.

Your book is very different from Twilight, but where you inspired by those books and/or movie?
I have been waiting for this question!! In all honesty, no I wasn’t although Twilight is a good series and the films are good (especially Robert Pattinson) none of my books are inspired by this series.

What would you advise young writers?
Keep going and never give up on your dreams or the ability to write. No matter how many negative or critical reviews you get (and they hurt when you read them for the first time) do not give up, rise above them and think to yourself that you cannot please everyone but if you please even 1 person you have yourself a fan which will grow every single day.

What was your favourite book growing up?
I cannot answer this question without giving you a list that will be never ending. When I was growing up I was the one who would sit in the corner of the lounge with a book in my lap, I have always loved reading and I read anything and everything that I could grab. While my sisters and brothers were watching TV programmes I was engrossed inside a book, occasionally my mother had to remind me to eat!!

So, don't forget to enter the giveaway!!! Post a comment, promise to enjoy the book and don't forget your email-adress!!


  1. I love the interview, is always fun to find new books and these are books I would really love to read

  2. 'think to yourself that you cannot please everyone but if you please even 1 person you have yourself a fan which will grow every single day'
    That's great advice and l truly believe in that, even as a blogger l think that because l know some people may not like my blog!
    Thanks for a great giveaway

  3. I swear ! ^^

  4. My mother used to have to grab hold of my book if she wanted my attention, the rest of the world disappears while I'm reading.
    People tend to make fun of mills & boon books, but it just goes to show they can be inspirational and educational( I first learned the word trodlodyte from a mills and boon book).
    I solemnly swear I'll enjoy myself while reading the book! (How could anyone not enjoy themselves reading a book?)