Thursday, 27 January 2011

Review: The Witches Lottery by Krystal McLaughlin

Sophia has gone through a massive trauma: she has lost her parents. And now she is being shipped of to an aunt she has never heard of who lives on a remote island she has never heard of. She is suffering from strange dreams that show her a future she would never wish for herself. In those dreams she is heartbroken and betrayed. While her brother Drew is waiting for her she has a terrifying experience. She is visited by a dark and handsome stranger that seems to know her awfully well.

Krystal has come to give us a story about wizards and witches instead of vampires, werewolves and ordinary people.
He however disappears and she forgets all about it. When arriving they are picked up by the most annoying and gorgeous boy Sophia ever knew, Falen. He takes them to the island, which is called Enchanted Island. Sophia and Drew immediately feel at home and Sophia recognizes the house from her dreams. Their aunt, Celeste, is an incredibly nice woman, even though their family friend Jack seems to hate her. During the next days strange things happen around her and Sophia finds out more and more about her past and possible future.

I truly enjoyed this story and actually finished it in two days. McLaughlin clearly put a lot of effort into describing Sophia’s emotions at her parents’ loss. I actually felt myself react to her loss as I would to someone “real” losing their parents. Her dreams really stand out from the rest of the book. They are beautifully written and evoke beautiful, yet dark, images. It’s the same for the cemetery in which the finale of the novel happens. It is dark, it is scary and it works!

The other characters were all very unique. McLaughlin has found her own sort of magic, in which each magician has his or her own niche. For example, Falen is a Leprechaun, which means he can influence weather. This is very different from the magic you usually read about and it is very enjoyable. Teagon, the “bad guy”, is this dark, tall, dangerous and handsome stranger that everybody dreams of meeting, but doesn’t really want to.

I give this book…

I hope there’s a sequel to this book, because in no way is this story finished!!


  1. I've been hearing more and more about this book. Thanks for the review!

  2. This just sounds fun - I like books like this.