Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Forgotten Treasures Challenge 2011

I saw this challenge and I swear it will be the last one I sign up for!! But it was just to great to let the opportunity pass! This challenge is hosted by Retrodux's Reviews.

"The Rules":
  • Open to all-bloggers and non bloggers alike.
  • Open to all books-bought, loaned or ones you already own.
  • The only rule is on AGE. The books printing date must be at least 25 years old- 1986 or older please.
  • Level one- read 3 books 25+ years old or older
  • Level two-read 7 books 25+ years old or older
  • Bonus* Level three-read 25 books 25+ years old or older (all those who complete Level three will receive a nifty "Vintage Book Fan" award to post on their blog)"
So, because that's just how I am, I'm going to try and read 25 books! I will update the book list as I read on the Challenges Page at the top! Hop over to Retrodux's Reviews to sign up!!


  1. This is going to be great!! Good luck with it - and have fun all the way! :")

  2. That is a fantastic challenge! Good luck with it, and I look forward to reading the reviews that come out of it :)