Saturday, 29 January 2011

I got an AMAZING book today!!

When I say amazing I usually mean AMAZING!!! And I love this book, although I'm not too sure about what other people'll think of it! It's a Bible, but it's a cool Bible. (I wanted to Caps Lock cool, but that would have been over the top, wouldn't it?)

I know a Bible doens't really count as cool anymore, but if it's a realy pretty Bible I think it does. This one has the ancient biblical-Hebrew on the right page and a German translation on the left page. As you may or may not know Hebrew is read from right to left instead of left to right like our alphabet. Just to give you an example, in case this confuses you on a Saturday night:

Our Alphabet: Universe in Words
Hebrew Alphabet: sdorW ni esrevinU

This needs some getting used to, but while I still lived in the Netherlands I learned some of it. The book is almost 90 years old and has a beautiful blue cover. I don't have my camera with me this weekend, but I'll post pictures of it on Monday. I was so exited when I saw it on an antique market this morning that I simply had to buy it.

I also bought a book which collected the best short stories written and publishe din 1945. It was the first time this little book was published again, because of the War the presses had ben stopped. There are some lovely stories in there and I'll definitly write about some of them in the future. The first one of them is 'How the Devil Came Down Division Street' by Nelson Algren. In it, the narrator tells us about how Roman Orlov started drinking. It's a heartbreaking story, especially towards the end!

Have you bought any books lately you're especially proud of??


  1. Hey I just found your blog and am a huge fan! I absolutely love your style(and books!).

    I think it would definitely be interesting to read backwards like that. I know it took me forever just to get used to reading manga with just the pages in reverse order!

    Unfortunately I haven't bought any books recently, but there's this cute used book store in my town that I'm going to tomorrow. I can't wait to find treasures in there to bring home with me!