Top Ten: Bookish Confessions

 Ok, I think this is a good way for me to finally face up to my own literary failings and then happily continue being a hypocrite about some.
Top Ten Tuesday's are hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. So, here we go:

  1. This is probably something a lot of people do but I dog ear books and not only because it's handy and quick, but also because I like the way they look on a book. Yes, I am a book ruiner, but I like it when a book looks like it has been read and has the slightly worn look. It makes it look beloved, I think.
  2. I keep on bashing the Twilight books, but I have read all of them. *cries in a corner* I am a complete hypocrite about this sometimes because I have grown completely sick of them. I loved the first book because I was at an impressionable young age and then I felt I had to read the others as well and although they annoyed me more and more I couldn't put them down. I didn't even enjoy it that much, but my friend and I literally spent 2 days reading New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn back to back and we don't know why.
  3. I buy books and then don't read them. It is just as if I get into a kind of frenzy as soon as I walk into a bookstore. Especially if they're having a sale, I'm in there and don't leave until I have spent all my money. And I don't even feel bad about it until half a year later when I look at that book I bought that I didn't read and don't plan on ever reading and my mind is just like:' Why the HELL did you spend your money on this?'
  4. I find it really hard to type properly most of the time. I think maybe that's why it sometimes takes me ages to write something because I always have to retype simply words like 'the' or 'for' because I keep on typing 'teh' and 'fro'. Why won't my fingers work?
  5. I never ever go to the library. I always say I will just get it from the library but that's simply not how I roll. I don't like having to make sure I don't dog ear it (see Confession 1) or having to finish it within 3 weeks. I want to take my time with it, I want to reread it whenever I want and not have to pay extra for wanting to read the love confession one more time 1 week after the return date.
  6. If a book bores me, I'll simply skim ahead until a word that looks interesting catches my eye. Maybe that's how I survived Twilight, because I really can't remember anything of Bella's endless interior monologues. But back to the confession, sometimes a certain part is simply boring and doesn't really add that much to the story and then I feel I'm wasting my time reading it, so I skip it. I don't do this with books I review though, unless they are really bad.
  7. I once wrote a review that the author declined. It was for a book tour and I didn't realise the book had vampires in it and the book just took a turn and I was all like: 'NOT AGAIN!' so I wrote a review in which I really gave my honest opinion. It wasn't all bad and I tried to be constructive, but the author wanted none of it so I was told not to post it and removed from the book tour. :(
  8. I can be a terrible hypocrite on this blog and I worry about that sometimes. I don't want to bash all the paranormal and vampire novels because I know people love them, but I simply don't like them anymore. And then I feel really bad because I have read Twilight and enjoyed the first book. And then I start feeling like a snob because I talk about classics a lot and it maybe seems I look down on those who haven't read them. But that's where Nr 9 comes in.
  9. I haven't read anything by Charles Dickens and other big name classic authors. With Dickens the case is simply that I opened 'Great Expectations' and after about a page thought: 'Not for me', closed it and never looked at my Dickens' books again although my family have been angels and bought me really nice copies. But I simply don't have the urge to read it. And the same counts for other authors who's names spontaneously evade me. 
  10. I love watching movie adaptations, sometimes even before reading the book, and if it's really good I sometimes won't even read the book. Movies are an amazing way of getting to know books, but I try to read the book first. I tried with the Hunger Games and then realised I didn't care enough to plow through the book before the movie came out. So I didn't and still haven't. I've read the Wiki page though, in case that counts.
So, those were my confessions. Not all of them may have been shocking or revelatory, but I hope you enjoyed them. Leave a comment with a link to your own, I can't wait to see what you have to confess!


  1. 1. I never dog ear books. I wouldn't want to ruin the pages. I have tons of pieces of paper around to use as bookmarks.

    7. A book tour is supposed to feature honest reviews. Seems to me that removing your comments should be a no-no. Which group hosted the tour?

    1. That's what I thought, but apparently not this time. I'd rather not say, sorry! :)

  2. Why don't you visit libraries? I am a huge fan of free books and that is the way I view them. Also, I love audiobooks and I won't pay for them so I am stuck listening to those that the library orders...but they do take requests. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. 3. I do this all the time! Especially with Kindle books that were probably only 99p or free then look back and think "Why?!"

    7. That sucks! Never heard of that happening before :S

    Thanks for checking out my TTT :)

  4. "I keep on bashing the Twilight books, but I have read all of them."
    I bash on these as well but with a reason - I read them as well and didn't like them. The first wasn't as bad as the rest but one can't like it all. Difference of opinion - I think they're bad and I'm not gonna be a fan just because half a dozen naked guys run around in a movie... -.-

    "I buy books and then don't read them. It is just as if I get into a kind of frenzy as soon as I walk into a bookstore."
    I know the feeling. I have about 2000 books on my shelves and my Kindle to read and I keep getting new ones. :X

    "I haven't read anything by Charles Dickens and other big name classic authors." Neither have I (and I also made a post about the horrible affair) but I grew up in a non-English speaking country and in school we never got to read them. Now I'm more for dragons and magic than anything else. :D

    Great post :)

  5. I think there are definitely some movies that are better than the book, but I'm sure I think that mostly because I watched the adaptations a hundred times (no joke) before getting around to reading the books, so my loyalty was already bought! (I'm thinking, in particular, of The Princess Bride and A Room With a View.)

    I don't borrow books from libraries anymore, because I hate returning them! Even if I don't like a book, I want to keep it.

  6. I LOVE libraries, I like the idea of "courting" a book before owning it or investing myself in a series. My library has an awesome selection, as well. Don't fret about Twilight, I read the first one and hated it! It was just so poorly written, I still can't get my head around the idea that any literate person would enjoy it...but at the same time, I didn't want to sound snobbish. I don't care anymore, I even expressed my feelings on Twilight in my TTT list this week, haha!

    I like that you won't do Dickens. I had to read Great Expectations in high school and it was the most boring drivel I had ever read. I want to give it another chance, though, now that years have passed and I've been around the block a few times. Maybe Dickens is better appreciated by adults, eh?

  7. It is really good to learn about reading idiosyncrasies of fellow book bloggers!

    Here is my Top Ten post!

  8. Okay, so I wrote this long comment that is now gone so I have to give you the condensed version and I must remember in the future to copy and paste anything I write before I hit "publish"! lol

    Unlike you and many others I like my books to look just as new as the day I purchased them. Especially after I've finished reading them. I'm sure there's a group for people like me? lol

    And I will overlook your having read the ENTIRE Twilight series since I did waste my money on the first one a few years back. Unlike you I was unable to brave finishing the first book. I got as far as 10 pages before I thought it wise to leave it in my unfinished pile. I do love Young Adult books though and feel like the older I get the more interested I am in the YA series. Hmm, maybe I should have put that on my Top Ten list today huh? lol

  9. Don't even get me started on book sales! If a book is on sale, it doesn't matter that I normally wouldn't even look at it...into my basket it goes!

    We share quite a few secrets it seems!

  10. I am also a book ruiner, but in a different way. I write in the margins of books and I love books that have writing in the margins. It makes me feel like I'm adding to the book and/or reading the book with someone else.

  11. Ohh, love your confessions :D But gaaaah o.O I could never imagine ruining my books like that o.O But I can understand it :D I also bash on the Twilight books.. and the thing is, they were kind of the first books I read. And when I read them I loved them so much. But now, now I cannot think about them without my thoughts being full of hate. I do love book one. But I hate every of the next books. I fucking hated Jacob :p More than anything. And I will never forgive the author for hurting Edward so much with Jacob :p It was not fair; and I kind of hated Bella too. She was so stupid and not caring about anyone other than herself. Hih. Anyway. Sorry for this long thing :D Also, liked all your other confessions as well ;) Thank you for sharing :)

  12. I don't like borrowing books from libraries, I like to own them and I like the smell they get when they've been around with my other books for long enough. On the note of Charles Dickens I've read 2 and a half of his books. Great Expectations I read for Coursework, A Christmas Carol is only 7 chapters long and actually tolerable, and I gave up halfway through David Copperfield a couple of years ago, it was just so long! I may pick it up again sometime though


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