Sunday, 13 September 2015

Weekly Overview

It's been a busy week, both because it has been Fresher's Week at St. Andrews so there have been loads of events to go to and loads of people to meet. I'm not quite sure I can actually remember everyone's names or faces but I'm sure I'll meet them again soon. It was also my birthday yesterday so yaay! It was the first time I spent a birthday away from family and it was extremely relaxing and chilled. I had some lunch with people from my course and in the evening had some drinks with my new housemates but I didn't go crazy since I have work to do!

But let's get my personal life out of the way and have a look at what happened on my blog this week!

I think considering how busy I was this week I have done quite well to get two reviews up! Admittedly I haven't gotten a lot of other reading done, but now that University is starting I'll have loads of ideas and things to talk and blog about. God I'm happy to be back at University!

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