Sunday, 6 September 2015

Weekly Overview

I have arrived in St. Andrews! Genuinely, this place is stunning! I'm loving everything I'm seeing and I can't wait to start my MA degree although it'll be a lot of work. It was quite a long drive up from London although we stopped halfway at Durham for an overnight break. I'm hoping this year will be awesome! But let's get onto what happened this week.

Two reviews, wow, so impressed with myself... I really need to step it up but now that I'm back in a productive environment maybe that'll kick be back into gear! Also, just so you guys appreciate how awesome my university is, below are two pictures!

Yup, we got a free book on arrival! This university knows me so well. Can't wait to start reading!

I have missed the sea so much that it's almost not funny! And I love seeing it and smelling the sea-breeze, so this year I will be doing a lot of my work right where I took this picture. 

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  1. I really enjoyed We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - a nice little twist there. I hope you enjoy it.

    Glad you like St Andrews and look forward to some more pics!

  2. How great that you have such beautiful surroundings while working on your M.A. I was stuck in this hot Central Valley city...LOL.

    I enjoy Karen Joy Fowler, but haven't read this one yet. Thanks for sharing...and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  3. I've been checking out St Andrews on the net, wow, it's absolutely splendid ! What a wonderful place to study ! It's been years since I've seen the sea, I miss it a lot too... Enjoy ;)

  4. I'm so excited for you and your move to St. Andrews! Best wishes working on your M.A. :)

  5. I was hoping you'd share a picture. Stunning and such a relaxing place to read ans study:)

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