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btt buttonThis week's Booking Through Thursday's question is:

Who taught you to read?

This is actually a pretty difficult question. My first reading memories are my father reading me stories. When I was 2, he started reading me 'Brief aan de Koning' for the first time, which is a book meant for teenagers. Of course he cut out everything he thought was too scary, which means that everytime we read it again I rediscovered the story. So I never really just had picture books or typical toddler books but immediately got into the good stuff. ;)

But I think that, as with most people, there was a definite drive within me to read. We moved to the Netherlands when I was 4 and I went straight to primary school. Teachers and my parents never stopped telling me that on the first day I immediately went over to a book lying on the floor, picked it up and started reading.

So, how about you? Who taught you how to read?


  1. New follower :)

    There's definitely a drive to read. My family read to both me and my brother in the same way, I grew up still loving to read but my brother can't stand it.

    1. Same, my sister really doesn't like books that much! I keep on throwing all my favourite books in her direction and she just ignores them XD

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I can't recall, too many years ago, but I assume it was my Mom. I think it is fascinating that you can recall memories from the age of 4.

  3. My teachers in school taught me to read, I didn't learn to read at home, but once I found out how to read I've loved it every since.

    Thanks for your visit today.

  4. this is a good story :) thanks for sharing! I don't remember what the first book was that my dad read to me, but I know that I started with the simple kids books and in grade school reached out for the big chapter books.
    thanks for stopping by! im an old follwer, too!


  5. Being introduced to books at an early age is great.

  6. It's always wonderful when parents start early on reading to their kids :)

  7. I was always interested in books at an early age, somewhat self-taught.

  8. I can't remember how I actually learned to read, I guess it was in school but I became a huge reader in later years on my own. I can't remember anyone in my family ever being avid readers like I am.

  9. Awww..thats really sweet. I was never lucky enough to have anyone read me a story except teachers. :( You're VERY lucky!

  10. Being introduced to reading at an early age is important and it is always great when it is couple with parent child binding time.

    Thanks for stopping by and happy reading.

  11. Hi! Thanks for the visit to my blog!

    "on the first day I immediately went over to a book lying on the floor, picked it up and started reading."

    Awww...that's cute!


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