Thursday, 27 November 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week - the HP Cast

It's Thursday and it's been a busy week and a busy day so far! And somehow the weekends never offer me enough time to actually relax while making sure I prepare for the coming week. What's up with that? Thankfully I've managed to pick all my essay questions and I'm really excited about all of them, so that spells good things for the next month and a half! Now, enough personal life and more Harry Potter! Harry Potter Moment of the Week is hosted by Leah over at Uncorked Thoughts and I love this week's question:

How do you feel about the HP film cast? Any that don't fit with the image you had?

I absolutely adore the cast! I can't even really remember what image I had of the characters before the films because they seemed to come out almost simultaneously. I didn't start reading the series until shortly before the first film came out in 2001, so except for the first book, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were their characters. I did think that the previous Dumbledore, Richard Harris, was as "gritty" as he should be, but that is largely based on hindsight having read the later books. Michael Gambon was great for the role, in my opinion. Despite the unfortunate shouting in Goblet of Fire. Aside from that, brilliant.

Similarly most of the supporting cast was amazing in my opinion! For me Maggie Smith, Julie Walters and Imelda Staunton are definite high-lights though! Also, gratuitous picture of my favourite film poster!

So, how about you? Any role in the films you would've preferred a different actor for?


  1. I started reading the books immediately after seeing the first movie, and I could never imagine any other actors playing our favorite trio. Thanks for the pic of the PoA film poster- that's my favorite movie! :D

  2. Personally, Gambon was too harsh and sombre in my opinion. I felt like Dumbledore in the books was more mellow and such. even if it was for Harry's benefit. It's how we knew him from the books (sort of Harry's POV) so he should be like that in the films as well.