Tuesday Intros & Teaser Tuesdays - 'Fated' by Benedict Jacka

Fated (Alex Verus, #1)It's my first Tuesday in France and God, I love being back in the Alps. Sometimes you just find a place where you know you'll miss it whenever you're not there. The Mont Blanc region is that kind of place for me. Anyways, enough waxing lyrical over mountains, it's time for some memes to tease you with!

Tuesday Intros is hosted by Diane over at Bibliophile by the Sea and Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading! This week I'm featuring Fated by Benedict Jacka, of whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Orbit's Urban Fantasy Evening. I'm only slowly making my way through this book due to time constraints, but I'm loving it so far, so here we go!
In the heart of Camden you'll find the Arcana Emporium, run by Alex Verus. He won't sell you a wand or mix you a potion, but he might just be able to help. That's if he's not too busy avoiding his would-be apprentice, foiling the Dark, outwitting the Light or investigating a mysterious relic that has just turned up at the British Museum.
'It was a slow day, so I was reading a book at my desk and seeing into the future.There were only two customers in the shop. One was a student with scraggly hair and a nervous way of glancing over his shoulder. He was standing by the herb and powder rack and had decided what to buy ten minutes ago but was still working up the nerve to ask me about it. The other customer was a kid wearing a Linkin Park T-shirt who'd picked out a crystak ball but wasn't going to bring it to the counter until the other guy had left.' p.1
Surely I don't have to explain to you why I love the beginning. It's off-the-cuff mention of magic is all I've ever wanted.

'I sat Khazad down on the edge of the fountain and slapped him in the face twice, hard. A few people gave me curious looks but you can get away with a lot if you're blatant enough.' p.143
I do think the slapping is in order to bring Khazad back to the land of the mentally present. I still quite like the whole scenario though, of these people looking on strangely.

So, those are my teasers for today! Leave a link to your post and I'll drop by!


  1. Hope you share pictures of your beautiful surroundings! Sounds like a fun read.

  2. Have a great time in the Mont Blanc region, Juli! If you decide to come for a day-trip to Geneva, please let me know, we could meet for coffee :)

    I love both the intro and your teaser. I love magic, too, and the fact that Jim Butcher has blurbed the book makes it even more interesting to me.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier. Happy reading, and have fun in the Alps.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  3. Wow, what an amazing experience you must be having, and that book and intro seem to fit right in. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  4. Oh, can he read minds then? I love both the intro and the teaser.
    Enjoy France and thanks for stopping by earlier.

  5. Both the intro and the teaser have sparked my imagination. The teaser is so true, if you are blatant you can get away with an awful lot more than if you look nervous. Thanks for visiting my TT

  6. This sounds awesome! I love magic stories. Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting on my TT . http://cynthiastacey.com/2014/07/08/teaser-tuesday-july-8/

  7. Keep enjoying your travels, and thanks for sharing this. I'm not sure if I would read this, but I would certainly be interested in reading more to see if it fits me.

  8. Yup, that'll do that. They also do it with hysteria, right? Hope you're enjoying it! :)

  9. Enjoy your time in France! This intro grabs me. I would keep reading.

  10. You're in France!? I'm jealous. Also, how old is Khazad that he gets slapped twice? Ha ha ha; great post! Avoir une belle journée!

    Sparrow's Teaser | Wonder

  11. I'm enchanted from the very first sentence. I have to know more about this character!
    My Teaser is from RYELEE’S COWBOY.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday in France. I'm envious.

  12. I'm so there! Adding this one to my wish list. Of course, the author's name alone would put this book on my must read list, but I like the intro as well.

  13. I enjoyed both the opening paragraph and the teaser. I'm like you, I enjoyed the tease of magic within the pages of the story. Enjoy your book and thanks for stopping by today, I enjoyed your comments. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  14. Haha "You can get away with a lot if you are blatant enough" so true. A friend of mine had this girlfriend once, and she stole a six foot Christmas Tree from the shop. She went in, picked it up and walked back out. She even asked the security guard to open the door for her.

    Thanks for coming by and reading my teaser

  15. I like the intro, interesting shop. It would be neat to go in there. :)

  16. I like both the intro and the teaser. The main character is really funny and I think I would like this book a lot :)
    My own Teaser:

  17. This looks really good! I may grab it today if I can. Thanks for sharing it!
    My Teaser Tuesday

  18. The intro was good. Magic is not something I usually read, but your two teasers got my attention.

  19. Great choice considering your locale. Must be beautiful. I'm surprised you can look away from the vista to read.
    The blurb sounds fun. This is one I'll be checking out further:)
    Thanks for stopping by my tease.

  20. This book sounds delightful. I must learn more about it. Enjoy your trip! Thanks for taking the time to post and visit my blog.

  21. Sounds wonderful! Great post!

  22. It's a good intro Juli, just not my cup of tea -- enjoy and thanks for joining is this week.

  23. So nice! I'd love to include Tuesday Intro's, too. :) Btw thanks for visiting my Teaser Tuesday :)

  24. I love the cover, and it's so true, if you do things like nothing is wrong, a lot of the time you can get away with it :p

    And if you get the chance, you should really read Creating a World Without Poverty, I just finished it and it was excellent! (Review will be up within a week or two :D)

    And thank you for the follow! Your blog is so interesting (love the Worlds rating system), and you review some interesting books - I'm a new follower too!


  25. Enjoyed the teaser! We can get by with some things if we're blatant and arrogant!



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