Sunday, 7 February 2016

Weekly Overview

Practical MagicIt's been a good week here, I've read some amazing novels which I can't wait to share with you guys next week! Aside from that my lectures have been going really well and I have been enjoying them as well, which always helps. I am absolutely exhausted though, for some reason, so I might take today off and just stay in bed with my Netflix.


So yes, that's me done! Next week's instalment will come from Edinburgh because I have to head down to pick up my German passport! How was your week? Happy with what you read?

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  1. I've only read some Alice Hoffman, but not Practical Magic - though I did see the movie (does that count?!)

    Glad you had a good reading week even if you've ended up exhausted.

    Take care!

  2. I really want to read Practical Magic and Alice Hoffman in general. It definitely sounds like you need to take a rest day. I've found if I push through when I'm feeling absolutely exhausted I end up getting sick. Have a great week!