Friday, 19 September 2014

Alice Hoffman is coming to an E-Reader near you

Celebrate Alice Hoffman

Today, eight of Alice Hoffman’s first novels will be available for the first time on ebook, including New York Times and national bestseller, Seventh Heaven. One of the most prolific American authors of magical realism and contemporary literary fiction, Hoffman’s works have none-the-less found readers in all genres who connect with her deeply moving stories about relationships, family, identity, and survival.

Commemorate classic works by Alice Hoffman

September 23rd will be an exciting day for readers everywhere. The release of these novels is an opportunity to celebrate one of the most influential authors of the 21st century, and share in the imaginative vision and powerful prose of Alice Hoffman.

What you can do:

v Share this video, featuring Alice Hoffman discuss the transformative power of imagination and how it influences her fiction.
v Review her free egalley copies of her novels, Property Of and Seventh Heaven, now available exclusively on NetGalley.
v Write about your first experience with the author, or invite your readers to tell you about the first Alice Hoffman novel they read.

About Seventh Heaven and Property Of

A bestselling novel of suburban daydreams and the magic of one woman who makes her own way in the world 

On Hemlock Street, the houses are identical, the lawns tidy, and the families traditional. A perfect slice of suburbia, this Long Island community shows no signs of change as the 1950s draw to a close—until the fateful August morning when Nora Silk arrives.

Recently divorced, Nora mows the lawn in slingback pumps and climbs her roof in the middle of the night to clean the gutters. She works three jobs, and when her casseroles don’t turn out, she feeds her two boys—eight-year-old Billy and his baby brother, James—Frosted Flakes for supper. She wears black stretch pants instead of Bermuda shorts, owns twenty-three shades of nail polish, and sings along to Elvis like a schoolgirl.

Though Nora is eager to fit in on Hemlock Street, her effect on the neighbors is anything but normal. The wives distrust her, the husbands desire her, and the children think she’s a witch. But through Nora’s eyes, the neighborhood appears far from perfect. Behind every neatly trimmed hedge and freshly painted shutter is a family struggling to solve its own unique mysteries. Inspired by Nora, the residents of Hemlock Street finally unlock the secrets that will transform their lives forever.

A tale of extraordinary discoveries, Seventh Heaven is an ode to a single mother’s heroic journey and a celebration of the courage it takes to change.

The mesmerizing debut of a major American writer

On the Night of the Wolf, the Orphans drive south on the Avenue, hunting their rival gang, the Pack. In the lead is McKay, their brooding, courageous President. Left waiting at the clubhouse is the Property of the Orphans, tough girls in mascara and leather who have declared their allegiance to the crew. Tonight, a new girl has joined their ranks. She waits only for McKay.

Drag races, dope, knife fights in the street. To the seventeen-year-old heroine of Alice Hoffman’s stunning first novel, the gritty world of the Avenue is beautiful and enthralling. But her love for McKay is an addiction—one that is never satisfied and is impossible to kick. Deeper and deeper she falls, until the winter’s day when she decides to break the spell once and for all.

A strikingly original story about the razor-thin line between love and loss, Property Of showcases the vivid imagery, lyricism, and emotional complexity that are the hallmarks of Alice Hoffman’s extraordinary career.

Alice Hoffman Quotes

"Magic in fiction is a long tradition. One of the reasons we like fables and fairy tales is that they’re emotionally true, and page-turners at the same time."
“Shut up and do not think. All the theorists agree: shut up and keep the words from being said. And all of the scars will remain invisible; and all of the scars will remain under the skin. Where they belong.” Property Of

“Sometimes the right thing feels all wrong until it is over and done with.” 
Practical Magic

“You build your world around someone, and then what happens when he disappears? Where do you go- into pieces, into atoms, into the arms of another man? You go shopping, you cook dinner, you work odd hours, you make love to someone else on June nights. But you're not really there, you're someplace else where there is blue sky and a road you don't recognize.” —Here on Earth

Reviewers on Alice Hoffman’s work

“Alice Hoffman hits bull’s-eyes on the incomprehensions between the young and the old, on the magic and pain of ordinary life. She is erotic and romantic . . . funny . . . clever and humane.” —The Times (London)

“With her glorious prose and extraordinary eye . . . Alice Hoffman seems to know what it means to be a human being.” —Susan Isaacs

“A remarkably envisioned novel, almost mythic in its cadences, hypnotic . . . The imagining is true, the writing lovely.” —The New York Times

“Showing the magic that lies below the surface of everyday life is just what we hope for in a satisfying novel, and that’s what Ms. Hoffman gives us every time.” —The Baltimore Sun
“One of the best writers we have today—insightful, funny, intelligent, with a distinctive voice.” —The Plain Dealer

“Miss Hoffman heals wounds with the gentle touch of an angel.” —Joseph Heller

“Hoffman is operating in Kafka’s realm, in the territory of I.B. Singer, and of Tolstoy’s folk tales. . . . She has tapped some timeless quality of human experience.” —Newsday

“A reader is in good hands with Alice Hoffman, able to count on many pleasures. She is one of our quirkiest and most interesting novelists.” —Jane Smiley

“Alice Hoffman is the American Brontë.” —Michael Malone

“Haunting . . . Alice Hoffman is a daring and able writer.” —The New Yorker

“Like Anne Tyler, Hoffman spins a story enchantingly, with the undeniable force and vividness of a dream, and a dream’s own logic.” —Ms. Magazine

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