Sunday, 7 June 2015

Major Spotlight: three books for Authors Large and Small #5

This is the final spotlight for Authors Large and Small. In the last two weeks we've covered about 19 books from them and they have covered a whole variety of themes and genres. 

Immanual Joseph's Brahma's Maze 
Brahma's Maze portrays what can happen when evil circumstances overwhelm even the gentlest among us. Tarun, a loving husband and father and brilliant cancer researcher, gets plunged into India's underworld when criminals murder his family to steal his land and he goes out to seek revenge. His scientific mind guides the way he gets back at everyone, creating psychological thrills for readers but also a dangerous trap that threatens to kill Tarun himself. Can he escape and protect himself in time? Novel leads to an ultimately life-affirming, hopeful ending.
A Rose in the DesertLinks: Amazon and Goodreads

Louis Piechota's A Rose in the Desert

Prince Ethyrin is fourteen years old, and his uncle wants him dead. Worse, his uncle is the tyrant and usurper King Artan, ruler of the most powerful nation in the world. With the help of a friend, Ethyrin escapes his uncle’s first assassins, but to survive he must flee in exile. He journeys across land and sea to Calimshaan, the fabled “City of Delights” of the desert dwelling Jeddein. There he meets Nuara, who was kidnapped as a little girl and is now a slave in the home of one of Calimshaan’s merchant-lords. Proud and brave, but withering in her captivity, Nuara has only one dream left: to go home or to die trying. 
Links: Goodreads, Smashwords, Amazon
Larry Higdon's Storms of Deliverance

The Storms of DeliveranceJohnson was living as an alcoholic in denial. He said he could stop anytime he wanted and this attitude prompted Katy, his ex-wife, who he still had feelings for, to write a letter telling him that she would always love him but their relationship was over because of his drinking. While struggling with the finality of the letter, Johnson is involved in an automobile accident that turns his whole world upside down. He soon experiences, what he believes, is time travel which launches him twenty-seven years into the future. There he deals with an "amnesia" that others have told him accounts for his inability to remember the twenty-seven years he has lost. In this new existence of time and place, Johnson has to work at making some sense of his life- and his past. He is haunted by spirits of his past, but he hopes that he can find a way to find worth and contentment in his life. Then...another tragedy strikes.
Links: Tate Publishing, Amazon, Goodreads

So, that was it from Authors Large and Small. If you want to visit the other Spotlight posts to see what else they have to offer, than visit them below!

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