Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Major Spotlight: four books from Authors Large and Small #4

This is the fourth and penultimate spotlight post for Authors Large and Small. In the books below we cover outer space, mental illness and PTSD. AlaS really seems to work with any kind of genre and author, which is really interesting and leaves the reader with loads of choice.

Fulvio Ciano's Digital Wilderness
Edward Phillips is at the top of his career at Virton Technologies developing cutting edge software systems for government contractors. The stakes change drastically when Edward accepts a sudden promotion to the corporate headquarters in Boston, taking him away from his tough personal decisions and introducing him to the mysterious Human Augmentation Digital Interface project. At first, HADI appears to be the perfect software to evolve humanity, touted to help the disabled walk again, allow the deaf to hear and the blind to see. Suddenly Edward discovers that this benevolent technology has a steep price and he is thrown into a lethal game of corporate espionage that leads to a nationwide manhunt for a deadly spy, a charge his enemies are intent to pin on him.
Links: Amazon, Author's Website
A Far Out Galaxy (Deovolante Space Opera)
Marjorie Thelen's A Far Out Galaxy

Come along as we travel on a spoofy, romantic romp from the far out Deovolante Galaxy to the Milky Way with mismatched mission commanders, Will and Vita, who are trying to save renegade planet Earth from itself. Will, a warrior king, likes to be in charge but so does Vita, queen of info tech for Deovolante, making for a rocky start to the mission. Our commanders are charged with calming the endless wars on planet Earth. But the well-intentioned mission is plagued with a series of untoward events that threaten to destroy the mission and them. Through it all, Will and Vita have to team up to bring a successful conclusion to the mission and in the process work out their feelings for each other.
Links: Amazon, Goodreads and Author's Website
Patty Lesser's Locker Rooms

YA novel about a woman struggling with bipolar disorder. She buys a home that used to belong to her parents, then finds mysterious lockers underneath the property. These contain human souls trapped by the selfish demon Shad, tortured and kept in slavery. She discovers courage and healing by freeing them. Unique take on real life mental illness in a fantasy.
Links: Goodreads, Amazon and Author's Website
JZ Holden's The Illusion of Memory

An epistolary novel about two sisters whose parents survived a German concentration camp, which shows how PTSD and its effects can take quite a while to be processed. Long-hidden family secrets are gradually revealed as one woman suffers a mental breakdown.
Links: Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook

All of these books sound really interesting and discuss a whole range of issues. Coming up soon is the last Spotlight post for Authors Large and Small.

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