Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Major Spotlight: Four books from Authors Large and Small #2

It's a Nightmare (The Gold Stone Girl Book 1)It's time for another Spotlight with books from Authors Large and Small. Yesterday we had some amazing books already and the ones below feature some female authors as well.

Nicole Quinn's It's a Nightmare
The Gold Stone Girl is set a million years in the future. The planet Earth has reformed itself into the one-continent world of Blinkin. God and his devil have given way to a new polarity -- to the Night Mare and the Dream Weaver. But the Night Mare has co-opted her opposite, and she now rules the night and the day. 
Into this nightmare world, where human females are kept as cattle, and licensed as domestic pets -- inside the stone-system designed to prevent the enemy’s return -- Mina, a rogue DreamWeaver, is born in the Off-grid of Winkin City. She’s found inside the mossy womb of a willow tree, alongside lygaeids hibernating as larvae. Hers is a hero’s journey, as she lives the life of a human-breeder, who discovers that in order to survive, she must change everything. 
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Vicki Madden's The Book of Darkness 
The Book of Darkness follows Cora as she discovers her power of magyc. Soon, however, a mystical and powerful necklace turns her attentions to darke magyc. Her friends on both sides-good and evil-work and fight to sway her and her powerful magyc to either side.
Jordan Acker's The Shadows 
The ShadowsThousands of years in the future, after the destruction of Earth, humans disperse throughout a variety of alien civilizations. The corrupt Balithian government wages a genocidal war against Earth's descendants and their allies. Finally humans defeat the Balithians, but ten years into a fragile peace, an assassin known only as "Red Blaze" jumps onto the scene and tries to kill a popular politician. With little information to go by, a team of agents from across the galaxy go on an epic journey to look for this villain. The Shadows tells the story of this group's adventures. Can they find the murderer in time to prevent a return to deadly armed conflict?

Karolina Simos' Ambrosia Chronicles 
When Alex is reunited with her high school crush, Ian, she discovers that he is part of a suspicious organisation that she herself becomes involved with. Suddenly entrusted with a heavily sought-after little pouch, she must go on the run. Alex must let go of the frustrations of ignorance at her new circumstances with the knowledge that the less she knows the safer she'll be, while she relies on the protection of her arrogant and mysterious rescuer in order to reach the organisation's headquarters in one piece. Fantasy trilogy based on Greek mythology.
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