Friday Memes - 'Thoughtful' by S.C. Stephens

Alison Can Read Feature & FollowI've got two pieces of good news: one, I did pretty well last term at university. I wish I had put in a little bit more work while gallivanting around Israel because then I could easily have boosted them up to another level, but that's past so now I'm just going to work extra hard this term! Second, at some point today my Kindle Voyage will get delivered!! My old one is breaking down slowly but surely so I invested some bday money and soon I will be spamming you with pictures of my new baby!

Ok, I should really get on with the memes now! Follow Friday is hosted by Alison Cand Read and Parajunkee. This week's question was suggested by Unconventional Book Views:

Do you use the # FF on Twitter on Fridays? If you do, are you afraid you'll forget someone and they'll be sad?

I don't use the hashtag exactly for that reason! There are so many people I'd want to include and tweet that I'd just end up Tweeting all day and probably still forget someone! And although I don't know whether anyone would be sad over that, I definitely would be. It's something I love seeing though and I always get all warm and tingly on the inside when I get included.

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Billy over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. This week's question was suggested by Elizabeth over at Silver's Reviews:

Is there anything that makes you keep returning to certain blogs?

I really enjoy reading blogs, which is the main reason I hop around. What keeps me coming back is partially really enjoying someone's writing style or because I like the way in which they answer memes. If it is not a meme day I tend to drop by blogs where I know I'll find books I like as well. I won't always leave a comment but I do drop by a couple of blogs a day!

Thoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.5)Book Beginnings and Friday 56 are hosted by Gilion over at Rose City Reader and Freda over at Freda's Voice, respectively. This week I am using a new book I got from Little, Brown last week which is up for review soon (many thanks to them and Sphere!): Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens.
Every story has two sides, and in this new book, the epic love story between Kiera and Kellan is shown through his eyes. 
All Kellan Kyle needs is his guitar, and some clean sheets of paper. Growing up in a house that was far from a home, he learned a hard lesson:You're worthless. Now his life is comfortably filled with passionate music, loyal band mates, and fast women...until he meets her. 
Kiera makes him ache for more. Makes him feel for the first time that he'sworth more. But there's one problem - she's his best friend's girl. 
Just when Kellan thought his emotional defenses were rock solid, Kiera's indecisive heart wreaks havoc on his soul, changing him forever. Losing Kiera is not an option.

I am appreciating the abs on the cover. I am wondering whether I should have read the first one but I guess I'll find out!

'I'd been playing the guitar since I was six. While I'd been with the D-Bags for a few years now, I'd been in one band or another since high school. My childhood hadn't been the easiest, and music had been my saving grace.' p.1
I like the beginning because music is important to me as well. However, a band called the D-Bags is a bit much, no? Bad boys and the things they get up too ;)

'It gave me a huge smile to see Denny so happy. He looked satisfied, like everything in his life was just the way he wanted it.' p.56
Although I'm questioning whether the first sentence makes sense, I do think this teaser sounds adorable. People being happy is always a good thing!

Do you use the #FF on Twitter? And is there something that keeps drawing you back to blogs?


  1. Hi Juli,

    I too,try to blog hop as often as possible, although that is never as often as I would like. I do have a bit of a blog roll going on and I try to check in with at least a couple of them each day. I also like to rock up at a new blog every so often and those contacts are usually either new Twitter followers, or fellow Goodreads readers I have decided to befriend!

    I don't really Tweet all that often, so wouldn't use the #FF, although I generally try to # the author and publisher of any books I have been asked to read and review, just to keep the up to date with what is going on.

    There seems to be a run on rock band stories this week, although this really isn't a genre for me, I'm afraid. So, as good as your excerpts are this week, I'll say 'enjoy', thanks for sharing and have a good weekend :)


  2. Sometimes it is hard to "get" the book from the first sentence. I think that is the case here. I think the same thing for my book this week. I like the opening line of my book since I have read the book and I know how it ties in, but outside that context I don't know.
    My Friday Posts by Anne

  3. Not sure I get what the book is about from the quotes, but I'm loving the cover. The abs...

    Hope you can check out my BB/56.

    Page @ Never Enough Shelf Space

  4. Think I'd have to read a bit more of the book to decide if I would continue reading.

    My Friday post:

  5. Oh I like the beginning (and the abs)! The 56 sounds so sweet as well. I've read two books where it wasn't two parts of a love story but 2 different love stories happening at once and there weren't really spoilers but I did want to go read the other right away. Hopefully it'll be like that!

  6. I do love a story that reveals the conflicted feelings the characters experience while chasing after their dreams...and love.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  7. I love your answer to the BBH question. I tend to agree with you on that one. Great book beginning too. Just need a new band name. :)

  8. I like the teaser and 56. I don't do blog hops though I try to visit others on the memes I do. I am also more of a lurker than a poster on Twitter. Happy reading!

  9. Great answer. I like to stop by because of the reviews and personality.

    ENJOY your reading weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  10. I rarely #FF, but I have done it in the past. Honestly, I never thought of disappointing anyone.
    Thanks for stopping by my F&F

  11. I don't think I've ever used #FF, but I do like to keep track of all of the blogs/vlogs I enjoy visiting.

  12. LOL on the D-bags. Yes....not a very pleasant name.

    Thanks for sharing...enjoy your book.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings

  13. I've never heard of the author before.... the snippets don't really match what idea I had going with the cover... but maybe that's a good thing?! LOL
    Happy weekend!

  14. I try to keep my experiences with bad boys limited to fictional ones, but even then I think bad boys in literature can be a little cliche.

  15. I loved Thoughtless and I can't wait to read Thoughtful. Thanks for sharing those little pieces of it.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Not too sure about this one. But I like the quote. Those moments of all's well
    My 56 - are few and far between.

  17. I am horrible at keeping up my hopping. But when I have downtime, I love to lurk ;)

  18. It would be seemingly impossible to include everyone on the #FF hashtag! Writing style is a huge factor for me too, I especially enjoy blogs that use flamboyant words ha ha!

    The prose to this narrative appears to be one full of emotional conflict, I could gobble up novels like these in two days!

  19. I agree with you on the BBH. I also like bloggers that have a fun writing style. It shows their personality.

    I've heard a lot of great things about S.C. Stephens series but I still haven't read it. I hope you enjoy the book.

    Have a great week!

    Kathy @ My Nook, Books & More
    My Blog Hop Answer

  20. I do that too. I'm not always leaving comments but I do stalk blogs. Lol! Your book looks interesting BTW. Have a great week ♥


  21. You MUST read the first one!! One of the best books I have ever read! Everything in Thoughtful that doesn't quite make sense will all fall into place if you read Thoughtless first! It's the one book I re-read all the time! Can't wait for Thoughtful! It's one of the most anticipated books I've ever come across in all my reading and blog stalking!


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