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This week's been quite eventful! I returned back to Scotland where it's a bit cold and damp but still nice! I also handed in an essay, sent of one PhD application, had loads of tiny heart-attacks over all the other work I still need to do for those applications and... oh well. I'm going to just get all of my stuff done this week, be a good student and a good blogger. Yaay me! Highlight of the week, I went for a bit of a hike the other day and ran into these adorable porklings!

Actually I'm quite excited for this upcoming week! I've got a couple of new things planned with the blog and I'm going to Edinburgh for two days at the end of the week so that should be fun! There will probably be loads of Instagram pictures so if you feel like it, hop over and follow me! I follow back ;) You got anything exciting planned for next week?




I was quite happy to do a poetry analysis post again, they're a lot of fun and I actually think they are the one thing about my blog that might help people!

So, that's me done for this week! How was yours?

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  1. Good luck with getting everything done this week! You can do it! You've certainly been busy. Enjoy your visit to Edinburgh. Have a great week, Juli!

  2. Oh dear I groaned when I read poetry analysis... it's something I'm terrible at. Thankfully the last time I had to do any was at school (a very long time ago) but I remember my struggle nonetheless! (I'm far too literal I think and can't see metaphors and the like!)

    Have a great week!


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