Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tuesday Intros & Teaser Tuesday - 'Tarkin' by James Luceno

Tarkin (Star Wars)I am feeling like work is slowly but surely starting to drown me, but land is in sight so it can't be too bad. I am awaiting potentially bad news regarding an application for a PhD in America so the whole day will be murder for my nerves, but I guess that's part of it as well! So let's get onto these memes and distract ourselves from everything else that is not a book! I'm using one book for both of these this week, which I have been wanting to start for ages. Be ready for the sci-fi to come your way! Tuesday Intros is hosted by Diane over at Bibliophile by the Sea and Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .
Bestselling Star Wars veteran James Luceno gives Grand Moff Tarkin the Star Wars: Darth Plagueis treatment, bringing a legendary character from A New Hope to full, fascinating life.
He’s the scion of an honorable and revered family. A dedicated soldier and distinguished legislator. Loyal proponent of the Republic and trusted ally of the Jedi Order. Groomed by the ruthless politician and Sith Lord who would be Emperor, Governor Wilhuff Tarkin rises through the Imperial ranks, enforcing his authority ever more mercilessly . . . and zealously pursuing his destiny as the architect of absolute dominion.
Rule through the fear of force rather than force itself, he advises his Emperor. Under Tarkin’s guidance, an ultimate weapon of unparalleled destruction moves ever closer to becoming a terrifying reality. When the so-called Death Star is completed, Tarkin is confident that the galaxy’s lingering pockets of Separatist rebellion will be brought to heel—by intimidation . . . or annihilation.
Until then, however, insurgency remains a genuine threat. Escalating guerrilla attacks by resistance forces and newfound evidence of a growing Separatist conspiracy are an immediate danger the Empire must meet with swift and brutal action. And to bring down a band of elusive freedom fighters, the Emperor turns to his most formidable agents: Darth Vader, the fearsome new Sith enforcer as remorseless as he is mysterious; and Tarkin—whose tactical cunning and cold-blooded efficiency will pave the way for the Empire’s supremacy . . . and its enemies’ extinction.
'A saying emerged during the  early years of the Empire: Better to be spaced than based on Belderone. Some commentators traced the origin to the last of the original Kamino-grown soldiers who had served alongside the Jedi in the Clone Wars; others to the first crop of cadets graduated from the Imperial academies.' p.1
See, to me all of the references here make sense so I am immediately drawn into what is happening here. However, I can imagine that if you don't watch Star Wars or now its rough chronology then this would just be confusing.

'"Your point?""Only that we face a hopeless task in trying to establish a rendezvous while the pursuit is in progress."Sidious swiveled the chair slightly.' 53%
I doubt this is a spoiler so I decided to pick it because I quite like the second sentence. I can just imagine the completely done expression on the face of the person saying it. Also, Sidious swiveling in his imperial chair is always a good thing!

I'm really excited to start reading this one because I need more Star Wars in my life. It has a soothing effect and is just awesome. Also, a great text for some inspiration.

So, how about you? What are you introducing, what are you teasing?


  1. I'm not hugely familiar with all things Star Wars, but I've read some of the books and seen most of the movies. Enjoy!

  2. I'm someone who has NEVER watch a full Star Wars episode...LOL so no, I don't think I'd read more:) Hope you enjoy it though.

  3. I've seen all the Star Wars movies...several times! But I've never actually read and Star Wars books. I'm not sure why. Enjoy!
    Today I'm featuring Accidents of Marriage by Randy Susan Meyers.

  4. For some reason, I've just never been into Star Wars...enjoy!

  5. Star Wars is not my thing, but I hope you enjoy this one!

  6. Love the film series, but I've not read any of the books. My son and I were just talking last night about the newest film coming out.
    Here is my TT - http://fuonlyknew.com/2014/10/28/teaser-tuesdays-87-moore-zombies-and-the-alien-next-door/

  7. We have seen all the Star Wars movies, multiple times, but I wonder if the books would be difficult to follow. Hope you enjoy!

  8. I am not familiar with Star Wars, although, back in the day, I saw the original movies.

    Sounds tempting, though. Here's mine: “SAVING GRACE”

  9. It's been a while since I've read any science fiction (or watched a Star Wars movie), but I'll recommend this book to my husband. He's a big sci-fi fan and would completely get the opening sentence!
    My Tuesday post features THE BEARWALKER’S DAUGHTER.

  10. I'm thinking of you, Juli, and hoping you have some bright spots in your day despite the bad.

    Ah, comfort reads! This sounds like a fun series. I have only seen the Star Wars movies, and not read any of the books. I know my husband read them for awhile there. I hope you enjoy this one. It sounds like it will be good.

  11. I haven't read a good Star Wars book in a long time!

    My teaser is an excerpt from a YA book about the Underground Railway.


  12. This isn't really my cup of tea, but I agree with Literary Feline that it is good to have a comforting book. Enjoy!

  13. Sending positive vibes for that application.
    I love Star Wars so much I named my Shih Tzu, Princess Ewok... lol

  14. Guess I have to know Star Wars to truly grasp what's going on!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  15. *Sigh* -- Star Wars always makes me nostalgic for my youth, especially the middle school years. lol! I'm endlessly fascinated by the depth of the backgrounds of the many many characters that have been written over the years, and this one is no exception. Great pick!!!

    This week I'm diving into The Perilous Sea.

  16. I hope the wait ends with positive news!

  17. I probably wouldn't read it, but I hope you enjoy the book. Have a happy Halloween! kelley—the road goes ever ever on