Thursday, 9 October 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week -

Witness me making my grand return to the blogosphere! Well, not exactly grand but  a Harry Potter meme is a pretty good way of getting back into things. University starting has thrown me into a whirl spin and I have been trying to do twenty things at once without sitting down and planning it etc. So I'm starting anew and afresh! Harry Potter Moment of the Week is hosted by Leah over at Uncorked Thoughts. This week we're picking:

Quibbler or Daily Prophet?

Oh, that's a difficult one. Although I am very big on following the news etc. I never actually thought about how one would go about that when part of the magical world. I would probably be so obsessed with learning how to do magic and riding hippogriffs! I think in the end I would have to go for the Quibbler.
I was absolutely disgusted by how easily the Daily Prophet was swayed and taken over and although the Quibbler might be a little bit too wacky at times, it's always good to also look at independent news sources! I love the cover above because it's just a great example of political caricature.

The fact the Quibbler is run by Luna Lovegood's dad might also be something that swayed me in its favour ;)

So, which one is your favourite and why?


  1. The Quibbler is a renegade and cool. Of course I go with it ;)

  2. Yeah I can't bring myself to forgive how easily the DP gave up it's principals and sold out to the dark side! Sure the Quibbler is wacky but they gave Harry a voice when no one else would! And the Lovegood ownership makes it all the more cool :) Awesome pick ^^