Thursday, 7 August 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week - Favourite Romantic Moment

I'm currently reading a variety of books, all of which are only a few chapters removed from being finished. This means that there's a lack of reviews right now but hopefully that drought will end soon. Next to that my other posting is a bit all over the place, but Harry Potter is here to bring order to the chaos, sort of. Harry Potter Moment of the Week is hosted by Leah at Uncorked Thoughts. This week we're picking our:

Favourite Romantic Moment

This isn't really a "moment", although the quote below is a moment. My favourite relationship in the Harry Potter-books is that between Remus Lupin and Tonks. They are just absolutely beautiful and they love each other so much. The moment below is from Half-Blood Prince when they're discussing Bill Weasley, who has also been bitten by a werewolf, and Fleur Delacour.
“You see!" said a strained voice. Tonks was glaring at Lupin. "She still wants to marry him, even though he's been bitten! She doesn't care!" "It's different," said Lupin, barely moving his lips and looking suddenly tense. "Bill will not be a full werewolf. The cases are completely-" "But I don't care either, I don't care!" said Tonks, seizing the front of Lupin's robes and shaking them. "I've told you a million times...."And the meaning of Tonk's Patronus and her mouse-colored hair, and the reason she had come running to find Dumbledore when she had heard a rumor someone had been attacked by Greyback, all suddenly became clear to Harry; it had not been Sirius that Tonks had fallen in love with after all. "And I've told you a million times," said Lupin, refusing to meet her eyes, staring at the floor, "that I am too old for you, too poor....too dangerous....""I've said all along you're taking a ridiculous line on this, Remus," said Mrs. Weasley over Fleur's shoulder as she patter her on the back. "I am not being ridiculous," said Lupin steadily. "Tonks deserves somebody young and whole." "But she wants you," said Mr. Weasley, with a small smile. "And after all, Remus, young and whole men do not necessarily remain so." He gestured sadly at his son, lying between them. "This is....not the moment to discuss it," said Lupin, avoiding everybody's eyes as he looked around distractedly. "Dumbledore is dead....""Dumbledore would have been happier than anybody to think that there was a little more love in the world," said Professor McGonagall curtly.'
Ugh, it's just so beautiful! And the fact that they got to live their short lives at least partially together makes me really happy and sad at the same time. Below is a Deleted Scene from Deathly Hallows which I wish they would've left in the film!

So, what's your most romantic moment?


  1. I love that even McG contributed to this topic, seeing how's she's mostly logical and stern and cold. :) Lovely moment, I am glad they got together in the end :)

  2. I loved these two as a couple and was heartbroken by what happened to them in Deathly Hallows. And that scene from the DH2 movie- so poignant. Great pick!

  3. What a great moment. Poor Tonks had been so miserable for a very long time so it was great reading this scene and hopefully break through Lupin's wall. I love that you added the deleted scene. <3 Wonderful choice. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  4. Awwww I adored these two as a couple - especially in the books since we get to know them both more ♥ LOVED this moment and I was so happy that Lupin finally allowed himself to be loved :*) Great pick ^^