Thursday, 10 April 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week - Worst Umbridge Moment

It's Thursday and it's my little sister's birthday! I can't believe she is 17...I refuse to admit she's getting older. I want her to stay little and adorable forever, although I do love her tall and sassy as well! Anyway, Thursday means it's Harry Potter time. So hop over to Uncorked Thoughts to join Harry Potter Moment of the Week. This week we're picking:

The Worst Umbridge Moment?

Oh God, there are so many! One of my favourite things about the Harry Potter fandom is that we've all agreed that we want Umbridge more dead than Voldemort because she was an absolute b*tch. Cursing aside, she is obviously an amazing character that is well-written and thoroughly corrupt. And below is the consequence of the Worst Umbridge Moment.
I absolutely loath the moment in Order of the Phoenix where Umbridge insults the centaurs. It's just such a terrible moment of racism and discrimination and always makes me angry. I do think it is important that characters like these exist in any fictional universe, because that way children learn to judge these kind of behaviours.

What I recently discovered is the rape-implications that the end of this scene suggests. I studied Classical Greek so I know most of the myths quite well and know about the myths surrounding centaurs in that culture, uet somehow I hadn't connected it to these because when I look at Firenze, for example, he is so far removed from the rest of the mythology that I expected this to be extended to the rest of the centaurs. But I guess it is one of those things that depends on the reader's interpretation rather than the author's intent.

So, what's your worst Umbridge moment? It's not like there aren't plenty to choose from!

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  1. I think it was when she made Harry write "I must not tell lies" with that quill that used his blood. That was just sick and twisted--psychopathic even. The centaur moment was basically her expressing what others, like I think Lucius Malfoy and other people in the Ministry, thought of centaurs. But anyway, she's just horrible through and through-- I hate her more than Voldemort