Monday, 7 March 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading?
This is a meme hosted by Book Journey.

See, the thing is I'll be going on a fieldtrip from Wednesday to Friday and I don't know which book/s to take. I'll be busy all day and in the evening I'll probably be doing other stuff, yet I'm not the kind of person who wants to go somewhere without at least one book. So what I thought is I'd take my Kindle, yet what if I loose it? IMAGINE!!!

On Chesil Beach: A Novel -- First 1st U.S. Edition w/ Dust JacketSo I'm being forced to think about it and I think I know what to do.

Anyway, here's what I'm reading right now:

On Chesil Beach

I heard that Carey Mulligan would be in the film so I that was my main drive to start  reading the book. I loved Atonement and I'm really liking this one. McEwan is amazing in creating atmosphere. He can write pages on how people feel, which just fills me with awe! Anyway, I'm really loving it and I'll definitly write about it as soon as I finished it!

I finished reading:

I Am Tama, Lucky Cat: A Japanese LegendI Am Tama, Lucky Cat: A Japanese Legend
It's a childrens book with lots of pictures but Is aw it on NetGalley and it looked so sweet I  just had to read it. It's a really nice story about a cat that brings luck to the poor monk who takes him in. I don't yet know whether I'll post a review on it because it isn't really like the other things I review but then again, it is a book and I liked it, so why not right?

So how about you? Read anything that you absolutely loved? Feel free to leave a link in the comments!


  1. I haven't even READ Atonement yet .. but it's sitting on my TBR pile, which means it's halfway there! I DID (and this is unusual for me), actually see the movie and LOVED it! I am Tama looks like a wonderful book; I say review any books that you'd like; it's YOUR blog, after all! I end up reviewing a lot of middle readers and YA as well as my own type of novels, because I have both types of readers in my house and sometimes I pick up their books for a change of pace. :)

  2. I haven't read Atonement yet either, but I definitely want to!