Thursday, 3 March 2011

Covers and pictures!

I saw this cover today of a book that was published last year and it looked amazing! This was a cover that made me want to read the book. Then I read the summary and now I REALLY want to read it.
The Dream Of Perpetual Motion, A novel - Dexter PalmerPalmer's dazzling debut explodes with energy and invention on almost every page. In a steampunky alternate reality, genius inventor Prospero Taligent promises the 100 kids he's invited to his daughter Miranda's birthday party that they will have their "heart's desires fulfilled." When young Harold Winslow says he wants to be a storyteller, he sets in motion an astonishing plot that will eventually find him imprisoned aboard a giant zeppelin, the Chrysalis, powered by Taligent's greatest invention, a (probably faulty) perpetual motion machine. As Harold tells his story from his airborne prison, a fantastic and fantastical account unfolds: cities full of Taligent's mechanical men, a virtual island where Harold and Miranda play as children, the Kafkaesque goings-on in the boiler rooms and galleries of Taligent's tower. Harold's narration is interspersed with dreams, diary entries, memos and monologues from the colorful supporting cast, and the dialogue, both overly formal and B-movie goofy ("I'm afraid the death rays are just a bunch of science fiction folderol"), offers comic counterpoint. This book will immediately connect with fans of Neal Stephenson and Alfred Bester, and will surely win over readers who'd ordinarily pass on anything remotely sci-fi. 

3dimage3Having such a success in finding a great book by looking for pretty covers I thought, what else shows a pretty picture that is meant to say something, except paintings of course. So I came up with posters. Everybody knows the saying 'A picture says more than a thousand words'. And a poster actually is a picture, sometimes with words but usually not. Posters have been used to get people to buy, go to war or watch a movie.

 Doesn't this poster/picture look amazing? I know it's actually one big word but I have been researching Wittgenstein's philosophy and what he says is that meaning is given to words by society. And doesn't this picture just show the meaning of the word tree perfectly?

Anyway, I know this was a bit useless but Is there a cover or a poster you particularly liked?


  1. Although steampunk is probably not more normal type of read, this book sounds really quite good. And for this very reason I love being part of the book blog world. I would never find all this good reading on my own!

  2. I love this post! I can't think of any covers right off, but I DO love the "Tree" poster you put up!