Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WWW Wednesday's

WWW_Wednesdays4I wanted to do a meme today but because I'm so bad at keeping up with new releases I decided to try something different from Waiting on Wednesday and so I found WWW Wednesday's, hosted by Should Be Reading.

To Play along, just answer the following three questions...

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish?
  • What do you think you'll read next?

So, here we go:
What are you currently reading?
I am currently reading, or at least trying to read, 'To The Lighthouse' by Virginia Woolf. I am going back to University on Sunday and I have a lecture first thing on this book on Monday, so I should probably step up my act. But whenever I think of University I first decide to do my essays! Priorities...

What did you recently finish reading?
This morning I finished reading 'Roman Tales' by Stendhal. I really enjoyed it, even though it was a very different read from anything I've read lately. I do really recommend it though, so check out the review here if you're interested.

What do you thin you'll read next?
I am actually not quite sure. I think I might start 'Catch-22' by Joseph Heller because it's a bit of a shame I still haven't read it! It is a classic after all and people keep referencing it in my lectures and seminars and I just sit there and nod, pretending I know what they mean!

So, how about you? What are your WWW? Leave a link in your comment and I'll come check out your answers!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and following! Yes, you MUST readShadow and Bone, especially if you love High Fantasy (but even if you don't). It was absolutely phenomenal! I've never been so hot for a villain as I was for The Darkling. (You'll see!)

    You must read Catch 22! Amazing. I still vividly remember the emotions I felt while reading it in HS, and I can only say that for a very few "required reads". I can't say I cared much for To the Lighthouse, despite the fact that Virginia Woolf was brilliant. Now A Room of One's Own and The Waves? <3

    Thanks again for stopping by!

    Karis @ YA Litwit

  2. I haven't read any of these, but they look really interesting! I've wanted to read Catch 22 for a while now. I'm following you on twitter now :-)

  3. I read Catch 22 many years ago. It is a good book.

  4. Hi Juli,

    I have to admit that I have been very remiss, when it comes to reading the classics, despite the fact that I berate authors who plagiarise them, or who try to second guess what the prequels and sequels might have looked like! Classics are designated as such for a reason and they should be left that way!

    Thanks for sharing all your great reads and I hope that you enjoy them.


  5. I haven't heard of you books yet. I hope you're enjoying them though. :)

    Thanks for droppin by my WWWWs!

    Michelle Shouts Random