Thursday, 30 January 2014

Booking Through Thursday - Multi-Tasking

btt buttonIt's another Thursday which means it's time for another Booking Through Thursday, hosted by Deb over at BTT. This week is all about multi-tasking, which is a perfect question since University just started again and I'm already trying to find time to do my Uni reading and Blog reading. The question is:

Do you do other things while you read?Watch TV? Cook? Brush your teeth? Knit?
I have tried knitting once, which convinced me that I should definitely have my whole attention focused on the needles in my hand. They may not be sharp but they can still hurt if you're as clumsy as me. So knitting would be a no.

With me it is probably more a question of do I read while I do other things. I'm usually busy running about etc. but because I always have my Kindle with me I'm usually reading on the bus, train, sometimes even while walking which provides whole new challenges. I do read while I cook because watching pasta boil really isn't that fascinating. I do also take my Kindle to the gym with me every once in a while but not too often because they don't appreciate me just sitting on their equipment because I have forgotten I was on a bicycle while reading. One of my favourite things actually is putting something in the oven and then leaning against it because it is nice and warm and you can pretend you're watching the oven while reading. But when I'm reading something tricky or intense I do have to shut everything else out, just because I want to actually take in every word. There is nothing worse than having to reread a sentence 10 time because its meaning keeps escaping you.

What I always do while reading is listen to soundtrack music. Some of Howard Shore's The Lord of the Rings soundtrack in the background goes surprisingly well with Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

Do you do other things while you read? I'm going to copy Deb here and advise you to not read while driving! That's why audio books were invented.


  1. I like music in the background also :) Here's my post:


  2. I'm good, I don't read while driving - of course, I don't actually drive, so that eliminates that problem. I have been know to read while I'm cooking but, sad to say, my attention usually gets too focused on my book and the food...doesn't turn out as well as it should. Here's my post:

  3. I used to read with music playing softly, also would write with some background music. But I now focus solely on reading and concentrate on the mechanics writers use. I follow the story but want to know how formatting and punctuation affect it. For example, while reading Colum McCann's Transatlantic I soon realized that he doesn't use quotation marks. Rather he begins a line of dialogue with an em dash as a signal to the reader that a character will speak on that line. It is smooth and keeps the reading flowing.

  4. The absolute dumbest reader I ever encountered was a guy I worked for in Florida who read while driving on the Interstate. I was in the front passenger seat and didn't realize he had picked up a book to read until the right tires went onto the emergency lane. It is a scientific fact that over 60 we begin losing the ability to multitask, hence must focus on what's important.