Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Star Wars Episode 7? Yes Please!

This is the news that made my day yesterday and left me to excited to post about it until now:

Disney to buy Star Wars producer for $4.05 billion!

Have you regained consciousness? Have you been able to read the article? No? Let me summarize. Disney has bought Lucasfilm Ltd, which includes the Star Wars and the Indiana Jones franchise. But this is not the best news: there will be a new Star Wars movie in 2015. Here I will give you another breather!

Walt Disney Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger (L) and filmmaker and Chairman of the Board of Lucasfilm Ltd. REUTERS/Rick Rowell/Disney/© 2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved
So, let's think about this. We have here a massively influential and popular franchise that has made millions, if not billions, and continues making money. It all started with my father's generation that stood nect to Luke on Tatooine, watching the twin moons rise. It continued with my generation that together with Anakin discovered an entire galaxy. And now we don't only have an amazing Clone Wars series in its fifth season, we also have the promise of more movies. And here I want to make an argument for why these movies won't be terrible.

Yes, there are many people, older people, previous generation people, who say the prequel trilogy is...bad. My first response is usually: Excuse me heathen? But I do understand where this comes from. The original trilogy was their childhood escape, it was what they grew up with and united them with people all across the world. And it is hard to accept when someone, even when it is George Lucas, makes changes or additions to this. My favourite Star Wars movie is 'The Empire Strikes Back' and I love the original trilogy, but I will never say that the prequel trilogy isn't good because I think it is brilliant. Star Wars has never been about the good acting and George Lucas never listened to anyone else about the direction of HIS story. He has a right to do with his movies as he pleases. Why is it suddenly crucial whether Han Solo shot Greedo first or not? He is still a scoundrel and we still love him. It doesn't matter as much whether it is Darth Vader's ghost or Anakin's ghost that appears at the end because what matters is that Ani is forgiven. And JarJar is not an abomination, he fits perfectly into the Star Wars galaxy. Was Lando's onion-headed friend in 'Return of the Jedi' any more normal?

So, after this small rant against people who feel like they own the movies rather than spend time on cherishing and sharing their memories and accept they would have been disappointed with whatever Lucas would've come up with (I will stop now, promise) I think we can appreciate the joining of Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd. Disney has been producing amazing movies since the mid-nineties. When they realized they were running out of good ideas (they still need to figure this out relating to their terrible series) they started to acquire Pixar, Marvel and now Lucasfilm. I loved the old Disney movies, especially visually, and remember them with the same fondness with which I remember watching Star Wars as a 6-yr old! I truly belief that in putting these two companies together, we could have some amazing movies coming our way.

Because let's be honest, the Extended Universe has more than enough to offer for more movies. When Bob Iger (Disney's Executive Producer) says he found that there was a '"substantial pent-up demand" for new "Star Wars" movies' he is more than right. Star Wars fans will always want more! Look at all the books that come out, the amazing games that have some of the best effects you will ever  find in a game, the TV series that is massively popular for the simple reason that it is amazing. There are so many stories out there that are begging to be turned into a movie script by capable hands. And who says Disney isn't more capable than any other company out there to handle these stories? George Lucas will remain a creative consultant and we simply have to keep our faith in him. For all those haters out there who say he ruined it, please think about how you never would have had it without him! Also, this article by the Guardian on how this deal was almost 'destined' to happen is pretty good! Except for the bit about the universal agreement the prequels are terrible and that it all seems so commercial now. It would have been commercial back in the day had the business been the same as it is now.

And we'll end on a positive note:
Don't hate, that's the path to the Dark Side! May the Force be with you! ;)

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