Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Interview with T.L. James

Not only did T.L. James let me review her book, but she also let me interview her and her answers are below. I completely agree with her that vampires and werewolves are overused and can't wait for the next books in the MPire Series. And it's always nice to find another Beowulf lover. Don't forget to check out the review here and T.L. James' website for more info!
Why don’t you introduce yourself first?
My name is Author TL James and I am the creator of The MPire Saga. I have a prequel to In Search of the Lost called The MPire Chronicles of the Haulm Boys. It depicted the family prior to Mallory returning. If anyone picked up the first installment and then read the prequel, it would answer A LOT of questions. Then there is the trilogy: The MPIRE: In Search of the Lost, Death Cometh and Trinity. In Search and Death Cometh are available NOW! The MPire: Trinity will be released on 9/8/11.

It was quite risky to involve your main character in a homosexual relationship. Why did you decide to do this?
I wanted to explore what the possibility would look like if good vs. good fell in love with each other.

How did you get interested in the story of the Four Horsemen?
I wanted to create a family based sci-fi. Vampires and werewolves were overrated and over done.

The book is quite religious in a way. Did you do this on purpose or was it a result from the subject you chose?
I feel the book is more sci-fi than religious. I used more mythological ideas than religious but it was only after I read the book in its entirety that I realized that religion and mythology are parallel.

Where do you get your inspiration as a writer from?
I was laid off with my two month old son and I started writing for self-entertainment.

What was your favourite book growing up?
 In the beginning, my favorite author was Judy Blume. As I grew older my solid favorites are Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, Mythology by Edna Hamilton.

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