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Blood Series: Character Interview - Meet Dominic

Blood Yellow (Blood Series)I am very glad to present to you, an interview with Dominic Khaled from Ashley Nemer's 'Blood Series'.

Hello there – I’m Nadia Maverick, of the Cedar Rapids Mavericks and I’m here today to sit down with Dominic Khaled, son of the infamous Haydar. Hopefully this interview goes better than the one I had with Haydar … but given they are family, I’ll just be glad I’m not eaten alive. Nadia: Good Morning Dominic. Thank you for taking the time to sit with me today, I really appreciate it.Dominic: Not like I had much of a choice – I was told if I wanted to be mentioned in any more books by our Author that I had to attend. And apparently be nice. Nadia: Well I’ll try not to make this too painful for you, how about that?Dominic: Nah, I like pain. Nadia: Well, okay then. How about we just get down to the nitty gritty. Ashley created this exciting world of vicious and different vampires. How do you think it compares to the others that are already out there? For instance, Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse.
Dominic: First Nadia, we are Algula. Please get our race right. And the main difference with us, just because we are “vampires” that doesn’t make us what we are. It’s as simple as, you’re a human with brown hair. That doesn’t define you. You cannot put Algula into a cookie cutter vampire outline and expect it to be accurate. We are anything but normal. Nadia: How are you not normal? Please elaborate.Dominic: For instance, Algula can die. We are not immortal. If we are lucky we will live 4,500-5,000 years. While to you humans that is practically immortal, reality, it’s not. Nadia: Is that the only thing that doesn’t make you normal? That hardly seems like a label killer.Dominic: You didn’t let me finish, impatient woman. Our Algula also control the elements. We gain this ability through our blood line. Not any two Algula will be identical because our blood lines aren’t. Even brother and sisters, or twins won’t have the same chemical make-up. Nadia: What do you control?Dominic: I control the element of fire. Nadia: And who else controlled that in your family?Dominic: My father passed it onto me, and he received that from his mother, my grandmother Afaf. I never met her but I have heard stories of her ability. Nadia: Do you need human blood to live?Dominic: Isn’t that a definition of, “vampire”? Nadia: Well you said you weren’t normal, so I thought I would ask.Dominic: We need blood to live. Human blood is the strongest for us. Let me put it this way; you humans need meat to survive. It gives you iron and all that crap you need to be strong and healthy, so I can eat you. But you survive without meat; you find other things to nourish you. It’s the same for us. Nadia: Why human blood, why not cow or chicken or dog?Dominic: You want me to go eat a dog? Nadia: No, I’m just asking, why us humans.Dominic: Because you were our creation. Nadia: I do believe science would debate you on that Dominic. We have never been known to come from vampires.Dominic: You know what we allowed you to know and the rest we willed in with what we wanted you to know. My ancestors were the children of the Gods. They needed nourishment and so, created humans. You’re like cattle to us. We made you in our image so you would be the perfect source of nutrition to our system. We allowed you to breed and populate so we wouldn’t have to continue creating more of you. All of those stories in your bible that you know, we are the creators.
 Nadia: My, that’s … quite a … I don’t know what to call that, tale?Dominic: It’s not a tale Nadia. It’s the truth. Look, I’m doing my job, I’m not eating you, I came here to be nice, like I was told to do by everyone. But if you’re not going to believe me I can just leave. Nadia: Sorry, no, don’t leave. I do have another question.Dominic: Proceed… Nadia: How do you feel about Blood Yellow, and the way the stories are unfolding?Dominic: I hope my sister rips my father apart and makes him pay for all the bull-shit he’s put us through my entire life. Nadia: After reading these two books I can see why you would say that.Dominic: Yeah – are we done here? Nadia: Yes I suppose. I think I have enough for a good story.Dominic: Alright – make sure you tell everyone I’m the most vicious and sadistic of the Khaled’s. That my pain will have vengeance and when it does, Haydar won’t know what’s coming. Nadia: I will note that but Dominic, how are you going to do that – your character…Dominic: Silence! I will have my way, even in death I will haunt him and destroy what he claims. After that I watched Dominic flash away – I have to say, that was one of the oddest interviews I’ve had. ** Dominic and Nadia can be found on the Art of Safkhet’s website. Both are characters created by Ashley Nemer for two different series. To check out more please visit **

I love character interviews, they're just so much fun to read!

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