It's Monday! What Are You Reading and Monday Musings

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila over at BookJourney, where you share what you are reading. 

I have been really busy signing up for stuff for uni, freaking out because I am going to uni and changing rooms with my sister. I am now officially in the smallest room of the house, biding my time to leave and burst onto the university scene. 

I have also not been reading a lot, except 'Felice's World', because it reminds me of the death of my poor Kindle. But as soon as my new Kindle arrives I will be straight back onto the reading!


'If on a Winter's Night A Traveller' by Italo Calvino is a great book and I am really enjoying it. I put it on my Classics List for The Classics Club and once my new Kindle arrives I will race through this one.

'Felice's World' by Henry Massie is so interesting to red because of the many stories and historical events it describes. My review will be up by Wednesday for the blogtour!

'Life Knocks' by Craig Stone is really fun to read. It is just such a joy to read because of how realistic and hilarious it is at the same time. That's quite something.

Musing Mondays is hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading. This week's question to muse on is:
Have you ever considered writing a book before? What genre would you write?

Oh definitely. To be honest, that's all I consider, ever. My main goal in life is to be a (hopefully successful) author and it does require to finish a book. I would love to spend my life writing books, coming up with stories that other people would enjoy reading.

At the moment I have a plot line relatively well thought through that I think would work very well. Now, this is a bit of a contemporary crime novel which is really unusual for me. I usually write fantasy because I love making up things that don't exist. But I think this could really work out if I just had the times to write this book. 

That's why I usually write short stories, it's both challenging and takes less time. In a short story you have to develop character and plot much quicker and it doesn't take forever to write.

So, how about you? What are you reading? What are you musing on?


  1. Good luck on your dreams of sounds as though you've seriously thought it out.

    Your reading list looks great this week.


    and here's MY MONDAY MEMES POST

  2. So sorry to hear about your Kindle. I would be lost without my Nook (though I might get through the print review copies faster).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Girl Who Reads

  3. I like story stories..I don't know about writing them but reading them can be very rewarding.

  4. Hope you get your new Kindle soon! And I definitely know I couldn't ever be a writer - not enough imagination, but I'm a very happy reader :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  5. I wish you the best of luck for your writing career. Maybe someday, the book blogging community, will have the chance to read and review it!! Keep going to obtain your goal!! Thanks for stopping by my place.

  6. OOh, sounds like a fun story :)

  7. Starting university is so exciting! Good luck with it.
    Here's My Monday

  8. Nice! Haven't heard of those but hope you enjoy!

    Here's my Monday Wrapup

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  9. I think short stories are the hardest to write. It is great that you like to write them. Thanks for visiting.

  10. 'If on a Winter's Night A Traveller' sounds like it would be good. I've never read Calvino before, but classics are usually classic for a reason :-)


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