Saturday, 3 September 2011

What to do in the Weekend? Script writing!

Once again it's Saturday morning, afternoon actually, and I face the question: What to do?

My initial idea when I woke up was continuing my script. I have been "working" on a script I will most likely never finish and which there will most likely never be a movie of, since my script would require a massive Hollywood budget! But there is no stopping ambition, so I though, why not introduce my ideas to you?

In 2008 a Dutch movie was released, called 'De Brief aan de Koning', which is Dutch for 'The Letter to the King'. I was terribly excited and after seeing it terribly disappointed. The scriptwriters and director had turned my favourite childhood book into a cheap movie. It is a coming-of-age movie, that, while being very exciting, teaches you all sort of things about loyalty, friendship and love. However, the movie was crappy.

The book itself is beautiful in its description of setting, weather, costumes, castles, characters. The movie looks like they simply pulled open a big costume box from a primary school and dressed all their actors up. I decided this was unacceptable and together with my father and sister I set to writing my own script. instead of stuffing the first book into one movie and making it impossible to also film the sequel, we decided to split the two books up into four movies. All we have so far is a scene list, i.e. we know what we want to do in all the scenes, but have not written them out yet.

I thought I would share a couple of thoughts with you, since writing about ideas always helps me making them clearer!

The story is set in two countries: Unauwen and Dagonaut. Unauwen always made the impression on me as being a very Mediterranean country, white houses, a lot of trading, having a religion close to Roman Catholicism. While on my holiday in France we passed Lyon and its beautiful Basilica de Notre Dame that immediately spoke to me.

It's a mix between Romanesque and Byzantine architecture and has beautiful wall Mosaic on the inside. So, this was what I had in mind for Unauwen.

When thinking of Dagonaut I get quite different feelings. It is rougher, perhaps less old and refined. Think of Rohan in the Lord of the Rings, but then set in hilly woodlands and less sun! If a religion had to be attributed to Dagonaut I would go for Calvinistic Protestantism. The people are very hard-working, realists, and this is reflected in their buildings. Therefore I immediately thought of a church I always went to as a child: the Dom Kerk in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Although no less impressive as a building, a different material has been used. Also, during the Beeldenstorm, an immensely interesting event during the 16th century throughout Europe, most of the statues and golden icons have been removed from the church, which makes it a very sober, but still impressive church.

So, now I will get to writing my script! What are you doing this weekend? Any writing, reading or researching stories involved?

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  1. This is a very interesting project you are working on! What is the book you mention called?

    I usually do some cleaning, etc, to put the flat in order on Saturday, so I did that, and now I'm planning to read and perhaps continue working on something which I hope to become a novel.

    You are absolutely right, there is no stopping ambition, and who can say we can't try to make our writing dreams come true. Keep on doing what makes you happy, and who know you might get your big budget Hollywood film and if not at least you'd be happy while writing the script.

  2. I like the concept! And look at it this way, even if it's never made, there are lots of lessons to be learned about the craft, especially for a larger-scale project like that.

    I was planning to take the weekend off myself, but my muse decided that wasn't going to happen, so I'm spending my Sunday bouncing between others' blogs, my blog, and working on my next novel.

    Oh and I'll be giving you a shout-out on my site soon, as well. Interested in seeing your forthcoming reviews!

  3. Love the setting! Now to get to the story - never give up! U just never know ...