Monday, 5 September 2011

It's Monday! What are you reading?

 This meme is hosted by Book Journey. So what am I reading? This is the first day of school, so I should actually be starting to read for school. So, in order not to distract myself with beautiful novels, so I amd going to tell you about the books I am supposed to read for school.

The ones I have already read are:

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley.
It was a novel I always wanted to read but it is a bit of a cheesy cliche. But now I was forced to read it and I loved it. There are a lot of differences between the novel and what everyone thinks they know about the story. For example, Frankenstein is the name of the Doctor who makes the monster. Throughout the entire book the monster is usually called 'creature'. I think Mary Shelley wanted us to feel pity for the creature, who is nothing more than a victim of science.

We Need to Talk ABout Kevin, by Lionel Shriver

This book is pretty disturbing, in the positive sense of disturbing. The book is an epistolary novel, written by Kevin's mother. I do not want to give away anything of the plot, but at the end of the book everything you thought you knew has changed. You feel sorry for all the characters and despise all of them at the same time. Reading it was a bit of a weird experience because the subject matter is quite touchy. This is typically a book that everyone has a different experience about.

The one I am reading:

The Talented Mr. Ripley, by Patricia Highsmith

I haven't begun reading this book yet so it should probably be a different category, but I dislike labeling, so who cares?

The novel begins with a play on James's The Ambassadors. Tom Ripley is chosen by the wealthy Herbert Greenleaf to retrieve Greenleaf's son, Dickie, from his overlong sojourn in Italy. Dickie, it seems, is held captive both by the Mediterranean climate and the attractions of his female companion, but Mr. Greenleaf needs him back in New York to help with the family business. With an allowance and a new purpose, Tom leaves behind his dismal city apartment to begin his career as a return escort. But Tom, too, is captivated by Italy. He is also taken with the life and looks of Dickie Greenleaf. He insinuates himself into Dickie's world and soon finds that his passion for a lifestyle of wealth and sophistication transcends all moral compunction. Tom will become Dickie Greenleaf--at all costs.

Doesn't sound too bad, so I should probably just start reading! How about you guys? What are you reading?


  1. I am quite a fan of the classics, enjoy Frankenstein and the other books on your list this week.

  2. I love love love Mr. Ripley movie, I should think about reading the book!

    I just downloaded Frankestein for my nook! :D Thanks for stopping by my blog :))

  3. Oh Frankenstein! That takes me back. Such a good book.

    Happy Reading!
    Megan @ Read It, See It

  4. I've just become a follower, looks like we might have similar taste in books. I have read Frankenstein and We Need to Talk About Kevin in the last 12 months and loved them both. We Need to Talk About Kevin was seriously full on and turned me in a hysterical ball of weaping mess - but I still enjoyed it :-)