Thursday, 3 February 2011

Review: Deeper Water (Tides of Truth Series)

Deeper Water (Tides of Truth Series, Book 1)I once again admit I got this book because it was free on Amazon at the time, it isn't anymore.It is written by Robert Whitlow and I have to say, I was surprised, in a positive way, by this book. It is about a strict Christian girl , Tami Taylor, who goes to Savannah to start as a summer clerk. Her religion gives her some problems, for example she had to move on a Sunday, but as a strict Christian she thought she couldn't. But through prayer she and her parents decided to do it anyway, because it was what God wanted.

In Savannah she gets a case that seems easy, but as she does more investigation into her client's history she finds more and more evidence for something terrible that happened in the past. The woman she is staying with tells her about the dissappearance of a little girl, identical to the one her client is haunted by. Has he killed her? And why does the name of her boss keep popping up? Does he have something to do with it?

I qute liked this book. I myself am Christian and find that I sometimes get annoyed with books that, in my opinion, send out a wrong message about Christianity. Yet this book, even though Tami ahs very different beliefs than me, entertained me. I liked the writing style, which was simple and modern and not forcing any emotions on the reader. Tami is incredibly likeable and you can feel she doesn't want to insult anyone with her beliefs.

The only negative about this is the lovestory. I already knew what would happen before it actually did. Two men fall in love with her, both religious. Yet one of them is a real lawyer, rides a motorcycle and takes her breath away, the other is a summer clerk as well, understands and respects her and is very succesful at what he does. At the end of the book she still hasn't made up her mind and although I do enjoy a love story sometimes they are simply to predictable. The influence of religion on this lovetriangle however is very positive. It gives it a different dimension.

I give this book...

3 Universes!!!
The book entertained me and I'd definitly read the sequel. Yet it isn't haute literature (I know this isn't a real word, but I like it!) and you shouldn't expect it. The book might howeverget you thinking about religion, so if you don't want that I'd suggest you don't read it!

Have you ever read a book that changed your view on religion/life/love/etc.?

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