Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Lyrical Tuesday

The idea/rules:
  • Think of a song that has inspired you
  • Choose two sentences
  • Explain what they mean to you
  • Post a link to the song
  • Post the Button below and leave a comment with your link!
  • Be nice and visit other people on the list!


My song for this week is: Far Away by Nickelback
This has to be one of the ultimate lovesongs and because it was Valentine's Day yesterday I thought, why not? I's just love to post the entire song, but I gotta stick to my own rules!
  • Been far away for far too longI keep dreaming you'll be with me
    and you'll never goI think most of us have been away from their loved ones once upon a time so you probably know what is meant with this lyric. Sometimes you're far away from these people and this longing is inside you to just hold them again. I can even get this feeling for someone who's downstairs while I'm upstairs, but you know what I'm trying to say.
  • 'Cause with you, I'd withstand
    All of hell to hold your handLove is all you need. I myself know that nothing is as strong as the love shared in a family! If I've got a really stressful week waiting for me than all I need is some family time. And I'd do everything for my family. I know this sounds cliche and all sorts of predictable, but I'd die willingly if that'd save anyone from my family.

So how about you?? Let us know in the comments!!


  1. Gee - seems that I never really have listened to this song! Thank you for sharing!

    Here is mine:


    (I am a bit in a Western-mood..) ;")

  2. Seee, your blog is so kick ass I had to follow you twice! lol *I'm a loser* lol