Saturday, 7 January 2017

Inkitt is coming to an Android near you!

Image result for InkittI got approached by Inkitt about 2 weeks ago with some very exciting news which I can't wait to share with you. But first, let's talk about Inkitt itself! Inkitt is an online library of thousands of stories of all different genres, brought straight from authors to us readers. My favourite thing about them is their own 'I'm feeling lucky' button which presents you with a random story. It's an amazing way to discover new genres and different Indie writers. Independent authors need all the help they can get in getting the word out there about their work so I've always thought Inkitt was a great thing!

Now, what is the big news? Back in November, Inkitt launched an IOS app, which is great for Apple users but is less great for people like me who are staunch Android users. But Inkitt has heard our prayers and is ... *drum roll please* releasing an Android app globally today!
With the Inkitt app, readers can discover thousands of new novels by emerging authors anytime, anywhere (even when they're offline!) and get personalized recommendations based on their preferred fiction genres.
I love the fact that amazing new fiction will be mere finger taps away from now on! You can select reads, add them to your shelves, write reviews and discover even more new authors. A feature I love is the offline library, which means you can still read when not online. It'll be perfect for those journeys to work when I can't get reception on the metro! And I love the lay-out as well, it's nice and clean, not too cluttered, all about reading ease.

One of the reasons I prefer reading on my Kindle to reading on my laptop is that I can adjust my reading experience to my surroundings, and Inkitt totally took this idea on board for its app! Not only can you choose from its thousands of titles, you can also adjust font, letter size, background etc. to get the perfect reading experience.

And the best news? Inkitt has given me a download link so you don't even have to go out of your way to get your hands on their amazing app. Click Here to join in on the reading fun! I myself am already there ;)

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  1. omg i can see my tbr list growing to the size of milky way