Friday Memes and 'In the Beginning was the Sea'

Alison Can Read Feature & FollowIt's Friday and it's my last Friday in England! Well, at least for 2014. I can't wait to take off on Tuesday, first to Germany and then to Israel. This will be one of the more exciting Christmasses (surely this is not a word?) of my life, I believe. Let's get onto some memes, for the last time this year.

Follow Friday is hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. This week's question was suggested by Take Me Away...:

Do you have a go to genre when you're happy, sad, or angry?

As such, I don't. I have go to genres in general, i.e. I tend to make a grab for Classics or Fantasy whenever I want to read something. However, when I am sad or upset I definitely go for fantasy because I want to go to a completely different world and forget about everything else. When I'm very relaxed I like to dip into the occasional romantic/chic-lit book so as not to put too much pressure on my brain and just have a fun time.
Book Blogger Hop
Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Billy over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. This week's question came from Samantha over at Bakey's Book Blog.

Do you write a review for every book you read or only review copies from publishers?

I try to mix reviews for Netgalley/publisher books with my "own" books. Since I tend to request or accept similar kinds of books my blog would be filled with just one type of review if I didn't try to mix it all up a  bit. A really good help is the Classics Club  for which I made a list of a 100 classics I want to read, which means that occasionally I read/review one of those. And sometimes, like this week, I review a book I was recommended by another blogger (Tracy at Cornerfolds), Splintered, or gifted by my dad, The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman.

Book Beginnings and Friday 56 are hosted by Gilion at Rose City Reader and Freda at Freda's Voice respectively. This week I'm using a book I was just accepted for on Netgalley: In the Beginning was the Sea by Tomás González. I absolutely love the cover!
The young intellectuals J. and Elena leave behind their comfortable lives, the parties and the money in Medellín to settle down on a remote island. Their plan is to lead the Good Life, self-sufficient and close to nature. But from the very start, each day brings small defeats and imperceptible dramas, which gradually turn paradise into hell, as their surroundings inexorably claim back every inch of the 'civilisation' they brought with them. Based on a true story, In the Beginning Was the Sea is a dramatic and searingly ironic account of the disastrous encounter of intellectual struggle with reality - a satire of hippyism, ecological fantasies, and of the very idea that man can control fate.
'The luggage was transported on the roof of the bus. Two leather suitcases containing their clothes,a  trunk containing his books, and her sewing machine. Their belongings were surrounded by bynches of plantains, sacks of rice, blocks of unrefined sugar cane wrapped in dried banana leaves, and other suitcases.Elena and J were heading for the sea.' p.7 (beginning of first chapter)
I really liked the last sentence so I decided it had to be part of the BB. I really like the description, it's both so detailed and yet quite atmospheric.

'That night Gilberto and Elena had their first serious argument. J. knew it had something to do with the counter, but never quite understood how it had started.' p.56
Isn't that always what happens when you have an argument, that halfway through the actual reason you're fighting has disappeared?

So, those were my memes and teasers! Do you have a go to genre and do you mix between 'for review' and 'casual' books? And what do you think of In the Beginning was the Sea?


  1. Cool! I am traveling over the holidays, too. My trip doesn't sound quite as exciting as yours. Take lots of pics and share them here. I also love a good fantasy to escape when reality is too much.
    Following via bloglovin.
    My #FF

  2. I agree that fantasy is great to escape into when life too much.
    New Follower.
    Kirsty x

  3. Oh, this one sounds good...adventure and discoveries. Arguments do tend to spring out of nowhere, sometimes, and over the slightest thing. Thanks for sharing....and for visiting my blog.

  4. The book's opening definitely makes me want to keep reading. Where are they going? Why are they going there? What will happen once they get to their destination? This sounds like a book I'd enjoy reading.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Enjoy your travels and have a great holiday!
    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

  5. I'm almost the opposite. I tend to be more adventurous with my review books than the books I own. This sounds like an interesting book! I can definitely relate to losing the point of the argument which of course only makes me even angrier!

  6. Yeah I'm not a mood reader myself. I just read whatever I'm reading. I read the books I want to read and usually my books help get me out of whatever unwanted moods I may be in too!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  7. I've had arguments when neither of us know why we started arguing. It's always best to start with a clean slate after that. I think the cover is absolutely lovely too.

  8. Nice answer to the blog hop question.

    Your book beginnings sounds interesting.

    ENJOY your weekend.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings

  9. Hi Juli,

    I am definitely not a mood reader, I will usually take whatever is next on the list and will only very rarely allow a book to jump the queue.

    I am probably in the serious position of being barred by NetGalley in the near future, as I just don't ever seem to post reviews for some of the great books they offer me access to. In fact, whilst I consider myself pretty good at book and author promotion across the various regular memes in which I participate, writing the definitive review is definitely my downfall, as they do tend to take me rather a long time.

    Your BB lines are fantastic, so descriptive and very reminiscent of the travel programmes I avidly watch on the television.

    I am a pretty solitary person and often say that I would like to be placed on a desert island. However I'm not too sure that I really mean that, as I think that I would miss personal interaction too much, quarrels and all :)

    Thanks for sharing your lines and enjoy your time 'on the road', make sure you take plenty of pics.


  10. Muted cover, but nice.
    I like that this book is based on real events, made the snippets much more exciting.
    Happy weekend and happy travels!

  11. - I’m quite the opposite whenever sadness or disappointment grips me. I can’t seem to enjoy a good fantasy novel, as it generally tends to make me feel envious and a bit hopeless; in that, the fantastical world is unreachable to me :/

    - I like to mix up my reviews too; although, my #1 pick is dysptopia and sci-fi :P

    - I like the book beginning in how sets the tone for a wonderful reading adventure :)

  12. Loved your blog hop answer ;)
    New follower via GFC!!

    My FFF

    xx Kat xx

  13. Looking forward to your review of Splintered. :) Great excerpts too :)


  14. This books sounds like a variation of the British tv series The Good Life - without the humour. It sounds like a book that would catch my interest.

  15. Yes, the 56 does strike me as true. I like the Beginning too.

  16. Interesting answer! Here is my:
    Books are my life
    I'm new follower.

  17. Hey I'm a new follower. Nice to meet you! Happy Holidays!

    Check out my FF at Stuffed Shelves

  18. Same here. If there is a lot of *stuff* going on in my life, I turn to fantasy and paranormal to escape the human world haha Jessi The Book Cove


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