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Interview: Stacy Moran, author of 'Blood Myth'

Today I am interviewing Stacy Moran, the author of 'Blood Myth;, the first book in the 'Myth'-series. 

Zakah Sange was born into a world of dark magick, always living in the shadows of his father, the Raka King. He was dangerously sexy and enigmatic; he used power and control to shape himself into a hard and cunning man. Zakah became a warrior, a weapon and the master of his own violence lurking within. 
Sorina Ruzicka was the great granddaughter of the evil god Akhekh. She was born into a legacy of magickal gifts that she wanted no part of. After years touring as a blues singer she returned home where she only wanted the seclusion of the mountains. A chance meeting with the mysterious club owner forced Sorina into the battle of her life.
Can a willful witch, accept the controlling nature of a demon who demands submission? Trusts will be tested, lines will be crossed and a fate neither of them expected will be played out.
Something about Stacy:

Stacy (SAM) was born in West Virginia but now finds herself living in Texas. She has loved writing since the first grade when she completed her first book, The Land without Rules. Her mother will tell you it was a brilliant book.
Throughout her school years she was in journalism and has been an avid reader of all literature. She has always craved the feeling of discovering an author's world for the first time. Now she devotes her time to creating her own worlds. 

Stacy focuses mainly on paranormal romance and poetry. She loves creating dominant male characters and headstrong females for her books. 

Stacy now finds herself on a new journey and finally has taken the leap to go after her dreams. She recently finished a poetry book, Whispers in the Dark with two fellow authors and finished her first novel Blood Myth in her Myth Series.

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What was your inspiration to become a writer?
My inspiration was my love of stories and fairy tales that was started with my mother. She would tell my brother and me stories every night before bed. This started getting my imagination going when she would either elaborate on childhood favorites, creating her own version or she would make up stories all together. So my mom was my inspiration from the beginning.

What came first, the mythological background or the characters?
The characters came first in the Myth Series. I love mythology and religion and have always been drawn to those kind of stories. Mythology took me to different lands and enhanced the history of the characters but the characters are the main focus and my first and last thought when writing.

Your book begins in Ancient Egypt. Did you have to do research for this?
Yes, I did tons of research and actually only ended using a small portion of it but it is there for future books. Egypt is such an extraordinary land with a history that is almost magical.

Most of my research was focused on mythology from several pantheons, Greek, Persian, Egyptian, Celtic, the list is endless. My characters may be have started in Egypt and have a history leaning toward mythology but they are not attached to traditional Egyptian Mythology. The Myth Series is about creating my own myths and legends in a way that is familiar but not identical to mythology.

What was your favourite experience while writing this book?
There were so many but honestly my favorite experience was finishing the book. Blood Myth had been in my head for so long that finishing it was the best experience. The second would be holding the proof print book in my hands.

If you could meet any author, past or present, whom would you chose?
Toss-up between Rumi and my all-time favorite Anne Rice. Rumi such an inspirational poet it is hard not to feel something when you read his work.
Anne Rice, wow where to begin… her ability to write her worlds with such romance and poetic flair astounds me. I could go on and on about Mrs Rice but I will not bore you with my admiration for her talent.

Are you currently writing the sequel or has it already been finished? Was/Is it harder than writing the first one?
I am currently writing the sequel and it is easier because I have done most of the research already. Betrayed by the Myth will be book two, it is due out late fall and will focus on Cheres and Afina. Originally I had planned on another couple’s story for the second book but Cheres has been very adamant about his story. Betrayed by the Myth will take the readers back to Ancient Egypt and explain more of the history of the Saka and Raka, the two races of witches and demons introduced in Blood Myth.

Thanks to Stacy for answering my questions. I love books set in Ancient Egypt, so I'll definitely be putting this one on my TBR list! So, what do you think? Sound like your kind of book?

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