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btt buttonBooking Through Thursday is hosted over at BTT and this week's qst is:
It’s my Dad’s birthday today, which makes me wonder … do you like to give books as gifts?
Well, first of all, congratulations are in order! Happy Birthday to Deb's dad!! I do like giving books but usually not as a birthday present. For birthdays I always try to find something fun, not that books aren't fun, but they're very subjective. I could absolutely love a book that everyone else hates. I always try to get my sister to read the books I used to love when I was her age and I find myself slightly disappointed she's just devoured the Twilight saga and The Hunger Games trilogy but passes on Harry Potter or any of the other great books I've still got. She is reading 'The Hobbit' now though, so there is hope. But when I give a book to someone I do it because I know they'll like it or find it interesting, whereas birthday presents are just supposed to be fun. I mean, I just bought someone a massive nerf-gun for their birthday! I feel I might regret that when I become the target!

TTT_mittelTop Ten Thursday is hosted by Alice im Bücherland and this week we're making a list of:
Chinese or Japanese themes books
I haven't read that many books set in China or Japan, but those few I have read I've really enjoyed.

So, what's on your list and do you like giving books as presents?


  1. Hier kommt der Gegenbesuch!
    Deine Liste ist sehr interessant, Danke für die Inspiration!


  2. What I do probably takes the fun out of receiving...but here's MY BTT POST

  3. "Die Geisha" findet sich heute wohl beinahe auf jeder Liste, so auch auf meiner :-) Aber das Buch hat mich auch wirklich supergut gefallen. Murakami habe ich irgendwie ganz vergessen, aber ich habe auch so meine zehn Titel zusammenbekommen.

    lG Favola

  4. I give books, but also love getting books as gifts.

  5. Oh man, when my sister told me Twilight was her favorite series, I told her she wasn't allowed to talk books with me until she read something worth her while. Or mine.

    I agree that books are great for giving, just not necessarily for birthdays and the like. I love finding a book I know someone will enjoy and giving it to them just because.

  6. I don't really have anyone that reads like I do, but if I did, I would get gift cards and let them choose their own books. As you said, it's very subjective what people like. I love getting book gift cards...that's my favorite thing to receive. Thanks for following my blog...I'm a new follower of yours. Love your blog.

  7. I agree - books can be subjective. Anna and the King of Siam is most probably Thailand.

    (Hazel Anastasia)

  8. Books are very subjective. It's so much easier to give books you know that someone specifically wants.
    2 Kids and Tired Books BTT


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