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Gain New Blog FollowersIt's another Friday and the last Friday of this year I'll be spending in the UK. I'm quite looking forward to spending Christmas in Germany, it just has this promise to it. But let's put an end to my pondering and move onto the memes. Follow Friday is hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. This week's question is:

Q: What have you learned from book blogging that you didn't know before about the publishing industry?

I think I've learned quite a lot, especially that it is really hard to get books published the old-school way, through a publisher rather than online. I have read some amazing books, many of which I haven't ever seen in bookstores and think definitely deserve to be there. That is still something I want to figure out, how some books get published and others don't.

I have also grown a new appreciation of online publishing. Some people are quite negligent about it or condescending but they underestimate how much work goes into self-publishing, spreading the word, setting up blog-tours, etc. 

I'm trying to do my coursework and sometimes you get so terribly stuck in a sentence you want to throw the laptop across the room, go back to primary school and relearn how to write and read. But I stopped my inner Hulk and decided to blog. But because I'd feel guilty to not do anything related to work I have decided to use 'Dubliners' for some of these memes. Book Beginners is hosted by Rose City Reader and Friday 56 is hosted by Freda's Voice.

'There was no hope for him this time: it was the third stroke. Night after night I had passed the house (it was vacation time) and studied the lighted square of window: and night after night I had found it lighted in the same way, faintly and evenly.'
I really liked this beginning. It is so final but also opens up an entire story for the reader to explore and be immersed in.

'Ignatius Gallaher puffed thoughtfully at his cigar and then, in a calm historian's tone, he proceeded to sketch for his friend some pictures of the corruption which was rife abroad. He summarized the vices of many capitals and seemed inclined to award the palm to Berlin.'
Just the name, Ignatius Gallaher, sounds annoying and throughout this story, 'A Little Cloud', I got soo sick of him, but in a good, literary way, if you know what  mean.

Well, those are my memes for today. Somewhere tomorrow or today I'll have a review for the 'The Hobbit' movie up, but I can already tell you I absolutely loved it and have already seen it twice...which is only about a third of how many times I want to see it....who knew dwarves could be sexy.... I will stop now.


  1. I think this year it has hit home to me as well how the traditional paper book is dying. Really upsets me because I always prefer the real book vs the ebook.

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Love the excerpts! James Joyce (and especially Dubliners) is on my list.


  3. I agree! In the public at large, self-publishing still has a very negative stigma attached to it. Thanks for visiting my blog, Julie! Old follower here. Have a merry Christmas! :D

    My FF

  4. Hello Juli
    I would also like to figure out how some books get published and others don't, and similarly to you, I have also learned more about the self-publishing business in regard to traditional publishing :p
    you always share books that are right up my alley :)
    thanks for stopping by my FF!
    have a very merry Christmas Miss Juli! Happy Holidays!


  5. Good beginning. It makes me wonder what is really going on.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Merry Christmas!

    Returning the follow via GFC ^_^

    sinn @ sinnful books

  7. Thanks for stopping by the blog! Happy Holidays! Followed back.:)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your 56!

  9. Hi!Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Oooh Joyce! I dare not touch his books.

  10. Thanks for stopping by:)
    Following you via GFC:)

  11. I loved the Hobbit movie too!! I can't wait to go again!

    I haven't read Dubliners. How are you enjoying it?

    Shirley @ My Bookshelf

  12. Yeah, it does seem hard to get books published through a publisher :) New follower! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!


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