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btt buttonBooking Through Thursday is hosted over at BTT and this week's question came form SammyDee:
What book(s) have you read that you’re secretly ashamed to admit?

Oh help, this is an embarrassing question. I usually try to only read books I know I don't mind people knowing I read, but hat doesn't mean that afterwards sometimes the shame doesn't hit me. The 'Twilight Saga' is probably a likely answer. Let me first of all say: I really liked the first book. I was 14 and the book fit perfectly with all of my teenage angst and weird ideas about relationships. But then I read the second and I just thought: 'What? Why? How?' But once I started reading the series, I felt cruel to stop. And after 'Breaking Dawn' I felt ready to die. I do feel slightly ashamed that I read all four of them and think I should have just quit halfway through the second one. 

But I try to make a point out of not being ashamed. The 'Twilight Saga' got loads of people back to reading books and I am happy about that. Strangely enough, I don't mind admitting I read '50 Shades of Grey'. It made me laugh so many times it was actually a rather amusing read. And compared to some of the "naughty books" (she calls them that) that a friend of mine is convinced she needs to read to me out loud in public, the sex scenes were relatively tame. 

So, how about you? Are you ashamed about any if your books? Leave a link in the comments so I can stop by and check  out your answer!


  1. I am probably the only person who has not read either The Twilight series or Shades of Grey, which maybe I should be ashamed about lol. Thank you for stopping by my place. Have a great upcoming weekend!

  2. I haven't read the Twilight books, but I'm guessing I would cringe at

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  3. I have read all four Twilight books and I have to say that the third one was by far the best in the series. That being said, I have to agree about the saga as a whole. I was not 14 when I read the books and that makes my short lived obsession with them even more sad. lol

    I have also read 50 Shades of Grey and your friend is absolutely correct about them being tame in comparison to actual "naughty books". A perfect example of awesome BDSM erotica would be the Masters of the Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair. I love that woman with a passion and will always champion anything she writes. It makes 50 Shades of Grey look like a bedtime story for overgrown children. >.<

    Anyway, I would love for you to stop by my BTT if you have a chance. :)

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  4. Yes, the Twilight novels got a lot of people reading....

    But the thing that annoys me most is when you come across those who won't read anything BUT those books. It makes me sad since there is a whole library or bookstore full of other great books just waiting to be discovered.

  5. I read all of the Twilight books too.

  6. I haven't yet felt tempted to read the Twilight books. I did try to watch the first movie just to get an idea, but my attention kept drifting...

  7. Not to interested in Shades Of Grey.

  8. Haha Im like the exact opposite ! I really liked breaking dawn but twilight and new moon were not my cup of tea . (:


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