Monday, 20 June 2011

Guess what, It's Monday!!What Are You Reading is a meme from the amazing BookJourney. I really like this meme because it allows me to look at all my books and think about which books I'm reading.

What I've read:

I read the Millenium Trilogy in about 4 days. This meant I stayed up a couple of nights until 4:30 reading. I only do this during my holidays, because otherwise I'd go crazy. I really liked it and I'll review it but I'll says as much as that I really loved the first one, adored the second one and felt less passionate about the third one. Lisbeth Salander is a great character though and I loved reading about her.

What I'm Reading:

 I'm really loving this book! I almost finished it and I will definitely have it reviewed this week. This is the third book by Daniel Arenson that I'm reviewing and again I love it. He does really have gift for writing fantasy. His characters are deep and well-explored and his stories always have so much magic, in a story-telling way, that I just want to read them in one go!

I'm reading 'The House on Blackstone Moor' for another Book Tourz. It's another vampire novel and even though I promised myself I'd never read one again I just couldn't ;et this one pass. It's very Victorian and i think that if Jane Austen had written a vampire novel it would have been a bit like this!

I always skip the 'What will I read' bit because I simply don't know! XD

So, what about you? What have you written? Don't hesitate to leave a link in your comment so I can come to check your post out!


  1. It's interesting because I felt the opposite of you with the Larsson books. I enjoyed them more as I went on. The last one was my favorite. I can't imagine reading all three in 4 days though! Wow!

  2. I have just finished Mr. Rosenblum's List and really enjoyed it and am now reading The machine gunners as recommended by thechildrenswar.blogspot
    I write about out-of-print children's books at
    Pop over if you have time.
    PS I really enjoyed all three Larsson books.

  3. I was up all hours when reading the Millenium trilogy too. Sadly I had a wait between book 2 and 3. Have to say the third one was my favourite out of the three.

  4. I really enjoyed the Stieg Larsson trilogy. Have an excellent week and enjoy your reading.
    My Monday:

  5. I just couldn't get through the 1st 150 pages and gave up on the series when a good friend with similar interest 'hated' it. I gave them to my brother which loved them like you.

    Had a look through your blog, enjoyed your Lyrical Monday.

    Thanks for following, i'm following back.

  6. Happy Monday! The House on Blackstone Moor looks interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!
    Bonnie @ HandsAndHome

  7. I felt the same way about the Millenium Trilogy. Loved the first two, the third not so much. Have a great reading week!

  8. I haven't read the Laarson books yet, but I like that set of covers

  9. My favorite Larson book was actually the second one! Salander is definitely an unforgettable character. Enjoy your week!