Lyrical Tuesday

Whooo!! This will be my first meme and I hope it works!! It's (obviously) called Lyrical Tuesday
The idea/rules:
  • Think of a song that has inspired you
  • Choose two sentences
  • Explain what they mean to you
  • Post a link to the song
  • Post the Button below and enter the Linkylist.
  • Be nice and visit other people on the list!


My Lyric for this week is from a Rush song, called Mission.
  • I hear their passionate music,
    Read the words that touch my heart.
    I gaze at their feverish pictures,
    The secrets that set them apart
    This just describes how I sometimes feel when I read about authors or other inspiring people. I think it's a positive thing to be inspired thus by someone. You can also become stalkerish, but I think what Rush is talking about is admiring someone for skill, not for celebrity. And that's good!
  • In the grip of a nameless possession
    A slave to the drive of obsession
    A spirit with a vision is a dream with a missionThat last sentence, a spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission is just peotry. I almost can't explain what it does to me. To want something so bad that it almost becomes an obsession must be an exhilarating experience.

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