Friday Friyay: 'The Passion' by Jeanette Winterson

Happy first Friday of 2022! I hope the first week has been a good week for everyone. I survived an exam and essay deadline and tomorrow I'm getting my booster shot, so overall it has been pretty good. I'm hoping to read the book I'm featuring today at some point this year: The Passion by Jeanette Winterson.

Set during the tumultuous years of the Napoleonic Wars, The Passion intertwines the destinies of two remarkable people: Henri, a simple French soldier, who follows Napoleon from glory to Russian ruin; and Villanelle, the red-haired, web-footed daughter of a Venetian boatman, whose husband has gambled away her heart. In Venice’s compound of carnival, chance, and darkness, the pair meet their singular destiny.

Book Beginnings is at home on Rose City Reader, hosted by Gilion Dumas, and Friday 56 at Freda's Voice, hosted by Freda. I'll also be joining the Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Billy over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.


'It was Napoleon who had such a passion for chicken that he kept his chefs working around the clock. What a kitchen that was, with birds in every state of undress; some still cold and slung over hooks, some turning slowly on the spit, but most in wasted piled because the Emperor was busy.' p.3

I did enjoy this opening, it is very descriptive and now all I can picture is a sumptuous kitchen with delicious smells and different dishes cooking. I'm not the biggest meat-eater myself, but a good piece of chicken is amazing, so I'm kinda with Napoleon on this one!


'I love the night. In Venice, a long time ago, when we had our own calendar and stayed aloof from the world, we began the days at night. What use was the sun to us when out trade and our secrets and our diplomacy depended on darkness?' p.56

I loved this excerpt because I too love the night, but for slightly different reasons. The night is when there are no obligations for me, when no one needs anything from me and I can just rest, in quiet. But this excerpt also makes me want to visit Venice again. 


This week's question was suggested by Sam over at Another Book On the Shelf:

Do you have a genre you haven't read before but would like to?

Hhmmm great question, especially as I start planning my reading for this year! I think I have tried out quite a few genres and the ones I have avoided have been avoided because I don't think I'll like them. I did give Christian Romance a try once, and while it was sweet it wasn't really for me. I have been reading more Horror recently (which means my recommended listens on Audible are a disaster), which I'd like to try more. 

SO I guess I'm stuck on this question... maybe by hopping around I'll find out about genres I didn't even consider or knew about! That's the beautiful thing about the blogosphere!

So that's it for me today! How was your week? And what was your first read of 2022?


  1. I haven't visited Venice but it's on my bucket list. My first book of 2022 was a carry over from 2021, a novel in French, and a good one. My review:
    Here is the link

  2. I do love the descriptiveness, too; I can visualize the scene. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  3. I am so glad it is Friday. I am hoping it will be an easy day at work, but what are the chances? I am so glad you survived your exam and essay deadline. That must be a relief to have them behind you! Until the next time, right?

    The Passion sounds like an interesting read! I love that second excerpt . . . I can see why the narrator loves the night--it's is when everything comes to life for them, I imagine. I'm more like you though--I like the night because it means work is done and I can relax some. I think I've become more of a Sunday morning person. So specific, I know. LOL I can sleep in a little and I'm usually still the first one up, no work to do, no responsibilities for just a little while.

    The book blogger hoop question this week is a stumper. I am sure there is some genre out there I haven't tried (or heard of) or more likely a subgenre. While I definitely have types of books I tend to avoid, I never say never because one just might interest me at some point.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Juli!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend! :)

  5. The Passion sounds like an interesting read. And I hear you about choosing a genre...I feel like I've tried every genre, I think.

  6. Sounds good and an interesting cover. I hope you enjoy it.

  7. I hope you enjoy this one! Have a great weekend!

  8. Your book sounds like a real jewel. Enjoy. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Interesting choice this week! I'm set to get my booster this Tuesday. :-) Happy weekend!

  10. I like the p56 quote - intriguing!

  11. I love historical novels like The Passion, I just don't really feel like those at the moment.

    I just tried a Steampunk book and somehow I don't think it works all that well for me. I'll try another one and see how it goes!

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a good weekend!

    Elza Reads

  12. I don't read a lot of Historical Fiction, that isn't also fantasy, but this one sounds interesting. The quotes sure do paint a picture. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Marie @ Pages to Explore

  13. Glad it was a good week! And good luck with the booster. I hope side effects are minimal.

    I love that quote about the night- I think night in Venice would be magical- and the cooking excerpt as well ha ha! Now I want some chicken!

    I love it when trying a new genre works out! I've been reading more suspenseful/ thrillery type reads lately...


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