Review: My Mother the Man Eater by Tracy Krauss

My Mother the Man Eater My Mother the Man Eateris a story that keeps on changing throughout the book. It centers around the Allen family which consists out of the mother Joleen and her five daughters Jasmine, Jill, Jinger, Jennifer and Jade. You might see a pattern in the first letter of the names. Joleen works at a lingerie-department and is a mother of five that is still attractive to younger men and she is very aware of this. But what happens when her vengeful ex-husband returns?

Joleen sees dating as a game and she knows the rules by heart. She can't believe her luck when she is finally asked out by shy young man named Sam. Yet even she is in over her head when her week is filled with dates with four different men. And the fact that her ex-husband is trying to alienate her daughters from her and is suing her for money she never had doesn't help.

[laughing+-+Sept+2010.jpg]In the beginning I wasn't quite sure whether I'd like the book because I thought it would be a sort of chick lit. Joleen is a character that is almost hard to like. It is easier to like her friend who can't believe she is so lucky in scoring all these men. I found it hard at the beginning to separate the four men. There's Cody, her self-defense teacher, John Michael, her English teacher (evening classes), Vince, an advertiser who needed her expertise on lingerie and finally Sam, the shy truck driver.

As the book continues I really started to like all her daughters. They all have different characters, which is good, because that means that when the story is told from their perspective it gives you a new insight into the story. Jade is probably my favourite, mainly because she is closest to me in age and seems very reasonable.
The "criminal" side of the book is very entertaining. The ex-husband's shady dealings and their consequences on the family are gripping. I wanted to keep on reading, just to find out how Jill, a cop, was going to deal with her father's business.

A thing that I didn't like about the book was that all of them became Christian at the end. Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian, but it was to accidental that all of them became Christian. I understand that this is part of the book and I think it fits perfectly into the genre of Christian Fiction, yet it isn't my cup of tea. Also, I was slightly disturbed by the fact that all of the daughters ended up with the guys mentioned above. Yet before telling you too much about the story I'll get to the rating.
I give this book ...

3 Universes!!!!

It is a great read and I enjoyed it very much. However if you do not like Christian Fiction you'll be disappointed in the end. I enjoyed the "criminal parts" of the book very much and think that this author definitly has an entertaining story to tell in this book!

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